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Roberto Assagioli, the Scientist of the Spirit

1-minute trailer. Roberto Assagioli, lo Scienziato Dello Spirito (The Scientist of the Spirit)” is a ‘visionary’ feature documentary dedicated to the life and work of the Italian psychiatrist Assagioli (1888–1974), the founder of the Psychosynthesis. The movie is an original work structured on ‘evocative scenes and words’, with the influential contributions of people that have known Roberto Assagioli personally, learning from him, or having adopted the Psychosynthesis as a profession or a dynamic self-education process. The film narrates Assagioli’s scientific and esoteric interests, portraying the man and scientist who experienced himself methods of inner growth transforming them into a therapeutic healing and self- training process that fit every human being.

The Psychosynthesis seeks inspiration from the principles of the humanistic psychology and aims to the harmonious growth of the personality, intended as bio-psycho-spiritual oneness. It is a practical method of growth and personal transformation, where anyone of us has the power to put into practice our individual potentials, through a guided but actually self-training work.

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