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sun in sagittarius full moon in gemini

Sagittarius Full Moon

Sun in Sagittarius full moon in Gemini 2014

Insights into the astrological energies of the moment

by Stephen Bayliss

Expect a lining up of arrows of truth, of vision, of knowledge or wisdom and a lesson to be taught, one affecting our community, yet one shared with all.
Strive for the highest vision, guard against excess, watch your words, and shine your light for all to see. This is a good time to express yourself.

An emphasis on vision
Once the Sun moves away from Scorpio, there is a fresh change as the energy of Sagittarius is brought closer. We could say that there is a slight lessening of intensity, especially emotionally, with a stronger emphasis on a vision, an enhancement of ideals and concepts, of philosophies and thoughts. We move into a mutable fire sign,  so there is always an expanding awareness of direction, of mind and searching.

The symbolism of Sagittarius has changed much over the eons, with the original being the Centaur, the half man and half beast. As Humanity evolved, it changed to a man riding a horse, symbolic of man overcoming his animal nature to a degree and being in charge of it, leading. Both of these involved also the bow and arrow, representing searching for something, whether it be desire or answers to truths. If there were an apt symbol of Sagittarius for the time of now, it would be the man holding the bow and arrow with no horse there, or just the arrow itself, representing the path of knowledge and wisdom, the path back home, always pointing higher and upward.

A question for us all is, “where are our arrows pointed?”

The higher Mantram of Sagittarius is “I see a goal, I reach that goal and I see another” and Sagittarius is said to rule the Path, which the one-pointed disciple must follow. Of course there are many goals or directions we can follow, but for the energy of Sagittarius, the vision must be held to maintain the search. A question then for us all, as this energy comes into more effect is, where are our arrows pointed?

Beware the excesses of Jupiter
Jupiter rules Sagittarius on the traditional level, bringing its wisdom, expansion and sometimes its excess. This is always a time where excesses can overrule your clear thinking and better judgment.

Esoterically Earth rules Sagittarius

We should seek to better understand the closeness of this sign to the Earth

On an esoteric level, it is said that the Earth rules Sagittarius, perhaps giving us a glimpse of the influence of this sign once we reach its higher levels. As we live, breath and move on the Earth, encased in its physical body, the closeness of this sign to the Earth could be something we might seek to better understand, and in Sagittarius would like it no other way.

A time of outer expression
When first observing this chart, the first thing that sticks out is that most of the planets, at the time of the full moon, are in the western side of the chart. Expect this to be a time of outer events, of outer expression, running counter to the expression that we experienced with the Scorpio full moon, which affected us on a more personal level.

Our home, countries and creative expression

We will see the vision or feel the connection of all cultures, at one

There is a strong stellium of planets in the 4th and 5th houses, highlighting the home, our countries and creative expression. Most of these are in Sagittarius, meaning possibly that we will have a time where we will see the vision or feel the connection of all cultures, at one. Sagittarius travels wide, even if only mentally, yet brings its wisdom to all, as do the other teaching signs.

A lining up of arrows of truth
What really stands out is that Saturn, in Scorpio, is just past the IC. When one ponders this, one senses something karmic, deep and revealing from the depths of our spiritual group being, coming forth and then shooting out into the world through the line up of planets (Vulcan, Mercury, Sun and Venus) all in Sagittarius.  This is a lining up of arrows of truth, of vision, of knowledge or wisdom and a lesson to be taught, one affecting our community, yet one shared with all.

The one challenge here though, is that Chiron is squaring this stellium. Expect a deep wound to be challenged, especially in regard to your relations to others. Chiron is still in Pisces, so expect it to be a little emotional, and possibly involve spirit, religion and require healing.

The Moon is in Gemini – this a good time to express yourself

Some leveling out and balancing is needed between work and career and family or home life

At the time of its fullness, the moon is in Gemini in the 10th house. It is of course opposite the Sun, which is always the case with a full moon. As they are in the 10th and 4th houses, expect some leveling out and balancing needed between work and career and family or home life. The moon in this chart has quite a few aspects going into it, so emotion could be running high. As it is in Gemini, perhaps the watching of one words and its expression would be useful. The Uranus/south node conjunction sextiles the moon, while the north node trines it. This will add free and positive expression to our emotional needs, especially in our public image. This is a good time to express yourself.

Strong mental strength and the need for leadership
The ascendant for this chart and therefore its ruler is Leo. With a fire sun sign (Sagittarius) and a fire ascendant (Leo) with a trine to Uranus in Aries, expect a time of strong mental strength and the need for leadership, on both personal levels and globally, as quick changes will come about. Fire can burn and create new, it can blaze trails through the most set forms and start the process of regeneration. Fire can also warm the hearts of all, lighting a path through any darkness.

With so much fire around at the time of the full moon, it might be a good time to shine our light for all to see.

About Stephen Bayliss

Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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