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Scorpio full moon – we will emerge triumphant

Sun in Scorpio full moon in Taurus 2014

Insights into the astrological energies of the moment

by Stephen Bayliss

Life will continue, but expect that before long, things will have transformed, sometimes with a level of deep pain; but after the battle, we will emerge triumphant.

Feeling is a good word for Scorpio.  Everything is more intense.
As the Sun moves its way across the constellation of Scorpio, from the view of the Earth, there is a distinct change of energies. This is of course true of all the signs, yet to move from the graceful and peaceful Libra into the intenseness of Scorpio, one can’t help but feel the difference. Feeling is in fact a good word for Scorpio, as it is indeed a water sign. Yet for Scorpio, everything is more intense, as that is its purpose.

We will bring forth death so there can be rebirth, said the stars in Scorpio.

Eons ago when our cosmic brothers were working out in what way they could best serve, it was the stars in Scorpio that said, “We will be the ones who do the hard work. We will be the ones who will delve deep, deep into the darkness and bring forth death, so that that there can be rebirth of the new in a more purified form”. And so it goes with Scorpio. The Scorpion symbolizes it, yet in its higher aspects the Phoenix is more apt and influential.

The warrior’s journey
You must take stock in Libra, balance yourself so that there is an understanding of the two sides that influence, then begin the journey down into the depths, the valley experience as it is known. This is done under the influence of Scorpio with the aptly influencing higher mantram – “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant”. You must go to battle within your psyche, battle your own darkness, then, after the fight is done, come out triumphant to continue along the straight plateau that is envisioned in Sagittarius. This is the benefit and gift of Scorpio, the clarity which comes after the battle is waged.

The Community will be experiencing deep introspective change
And here we are for Humanity, in a year that has seen change like no other, that has seen incredible events which are requiring the deepest reflection and serious observation of one’s own natures, our group natures and our worldly considerations. Expect this to increase in this sign, especially in the lead up and after the time of the full moon. Especially as at the exact time of the influencing moon, there is a strong conjunction of planets in Scorpio in the 11th house. This perhaps suggests that the Community, whether it be one’s own local or the wider, will be experiencing deep introspective change.

One’s own views or beliefs will be brought to the surface for all to see.

Don’t expect the wisdom of this to come through so easily though, as Jupiter in Leo is squaring this aspect, forcing one’s own views or beliefs to be brought to the surface for all to see. Yet with all squares, you see the potential for the most growth.

The world is experiencing what we are feeling ourselves
Can we use this?  Can we get through our own sense of self and ideals, felt so strongly, to see the bigger picture – to see that the world is indeed experiencing exactly what we are feeling ourselves, that we are the micro to the macro. One step forward in self management and living the higher part of ourselves can collectively influence the greater whole.  The result of not doing this is much more painful than the temporary pain of looking within.

Jupiter assists us with high ideals and deep inner search
To assist us Jupiter still has a nice trine to the Uranus/south node conjunction, which at the time of the full moon is in the 4th house of family and home or one’s spiritual home. Expect new change to your environment and the familiar giving strong supportive energy to Jupiter’s high ideals and deep inner search, always welcome by everyone I am sure.

One suspects such power and force on deeper spiritual levels that anything is possible.

Perhaps one of the most interesting parts of this chart is that at the exact time of the full moon, you have both Mars and Pluto, the traditional and esoteric rulers of Scorpio, conjuncting the Ascendant. To have them conjunct each other is one thing, but to be conjunct the Ascendant, one can only speculate about the spiritual effects. Mars the driver and asserter and Pluto the Transformer, together for mutual benefit at the time of the full moon with the Sun in Scorpio, one suspects such power and force on deeper spiritual levels that realistically anything is possible. Certainly whether we see it immediately or not, life will continue but expect before long that things have transformed, sometimes with a level of deep pain, but after the battle, we will emerge triumphant.

As we descend into the valley of Scorpio, we can see the mountain in Capricorn
The ascendant of this chart and therefore its ruler, is Capricorn, again an earth sign. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn on both the traditional and Esoteric levels, bringing in a strong ray three vibration. Both the Earth and Saturn are ruled by that Ray, and it is said to be one of the ruling rays of Capricorn. As we descend into the valley of Scorpio, we can see the mountain in Capricorn. Not yet have we reached it though.

Expect the ray three influence to tie in the strands and weave the links though the mire, to see how everything connects and how the light can dispel the darkness, allowing us to think and live in terms of one Earth.

About Stephen Bayliss

Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.

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