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Silent Command of the Mother of the World


Every day at 9 pm GMT we pause for a moment in Silent Communion for the Global Silent Minute building on the Big Ben Silent Minute initiated by Wellesley Tudor Pole during World War II with its intention to facilitate cooperation between the worlds for peace and freedom.

As we pause daily for our minute of silent Communion we have the opportunity to re-member our essence, the flame of our individual hearts before we unite our hearts across distance around the world and across the veil, in the Flame of the One Heart.

We know from the Agni Yoga Teachings that our individual hearts are on loan to us for the purpose of communion in the One Heart.  Within our individual heart dwells a feeling that embraces all humanity:

“The heart is a transnational organ. How necessary it is that one learns to feel the heart not as one’s own, but as something that belongs to the entire world.”[i]

As we meet daily in Silent Communion in the One Heart, we increasingly become aware of the presence of its inextinguishable, eternal, indivisible Flame sub-standing our apparently divided identities which express in the Fiery, Subtle and Manifest Worlds simultaneously.

And behind our daily Silent Communion is the Silent Command of the Mother of the World, the Head of the planetary Hierarchy of Light.[ii] According to Helena Roerich, the Mother of the World’s Silent Command ”rings out” above all spoken commands.[iii] The Silent Command is:

“All-penetrating, Immutable, Indivisible, Irrevocable, Effulgent, All-Bestowing, Unutterable, Irrepeatable, Invulnerable, Inexpressible, Timeless, Undeferable, Illumination, Manifest in Lightning”.[iv]

The Silent Command is sounded forth by the Mother of the World Who veiled Her Face after the assault on the cult of spirit during Atlantis.  Like other great Individualities Who bear responsibilities to the evolution of the blue planet, She has continued to participate in our destiny as She unceasingly weaves the Web of the far-off worlds[v].  She is said to stand Alone in Vigil, amid the Splendour of Her Signs and, out of the spiral of Light, She has woven in Silence the Sign of Her Power, the Dodecahedron.[vi]

Mother of the World – Roerich 1937


As the Matriarch of the Spiritual Hierarchy, the Mother of the World in Silence commands a planetary re-balance of the masculine and feminine energies to reflect the fiery equilibrium of the Dual Origins.

We are viscerally experiencing this tension throughout all worlds as we increasingly become sensitised to both the inextinguishable flame of the One Heart of the Fiery World and witness a profound lack of balance in the Manifest World that out-pictures as challenges to liberty, equality and fraternal unions at all levels.

Yet Humanity yearns for the restoration of right relationship between the Dual Origins.

The Agni Yoga Teachings provides clues as to how we might restore the balance. A couple in particular: “to work in the wave of Great Nature”…

… and “to work with the heartbeat of the Mother of the World”.[vii]

Mother of the World – Roerich 1924


As the veils of separation are rent, we realise the warp and weave of the connective tissue of the fabric of the Mother of the World underpinning the Cosmos, pervading the fabric of the etheric structure sub-standing our existence within the Manifest World.  We feel the awakening and activation within us of the rhythm of the Heartbeat of the Mother of the World – the Heartbeat that pervades the planetary life, the heart beat that at-ones the rhythm of our individual heart beats with the rhythm of the Cosmos – igniting the restoration of the balance of the two Origins – the masculine and the feminine – the long awaited restoration of fiery equilibrium.

In the Agni Yoga Teachings, Master Morya says the Hierarchy: the Brothers of Humanity:

“battle arduously for the balance and for the instilling of the Principle of the Mother of the World. When the understanding of creation will be confirmed, it will be possible to evince to humanity the creative power of Fire”.[viii]

Their role of the construction of the life of the planet, the Hierarchy maintains the Command of the great Mother of the World.[ix]

Master Morya advises that the Name of the Mother of the World be pronounced:

“not as a symbol but as a power-giver.  I advise that the Source of Infinity be invoked not as a symbol but as a manifestation of Eternity, as an eternal Generator of beauty and the Creator of the firmament”.[x]

In the dawning of this New Era of the Mother of the World we know She and the Maitreya will work with the doctrine of the Heart. And, deep within the recesses of the chamber of the Heart lies the Chalice, the repository of Humanity’s treasures, life after life, and the symbol for the New Era.

Let us be attentive to the power of the Silent Command of the Mother of the World as we work with the reality sub-standing her symbols – the wave of Great Nature, Her Heartbeat, and Her role as a power-giver in the restoration of fiery equilibrium for our planet.

Finally, in ancient pictures of the Mother of the World, Her aura consists of eyes[xi] – thousands of eyes. She sees in all directions simultaneously.  As we increase our capacity to synchronise to Her Heartbeat – and thus the Heartbeat of our entire beautiful blue planet – we too develop this synthetic capacity to experience Life more holistically – indeed, spherically!

Gratitude to wikiart.org for use of Nicholas Roerich’s paintings of the Mother of the World
and to pixabay.com for images of Aurora Borealis and Sunrise over the Earth.
The text for the title image comes from Fiery World II, 424.



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