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Toward an Infinite Land of Day

…a new human consciousness is unfolding

As the Autumn sun slants through the trees and streams in through windows in this southern half of the world, it reminds us of the cycles of harvest, rest, renewal and growth, and the beneficent forces that initiate them. We remember the cyclic nature of Life as it moves through everything from individual to universal. Our whole world is currently moving through a great cyclic progression, a dimensional shift, and a new human consciousness is unfolding along with it as the old fades out and new possibilities are glimpsed. In the light of this burgeoning consciousness, we are discovering creative new ways of addressing the needs of all in our interdependent world.

…there is a growing realisation of real need

We can see these impulsive energies at work in all areas of endeavour, however inspired or limited in vision and understanding. As the pandemic rolls on, scientists and doctors work to find and improve ways to address it; as nations differ over sovereignty and social organisation, leaders and diplomats work to find peaceful solutions; and as humanitarian crises intensify, activists and aid agencies strive to find ways to bring justice for the vulnerable, and to address the growing needs of those left destitute by neglect, war, oppression and natural catastrophe. Behind all their creative efforts there is a growing realisation of real need, and a strengthening will to address the many global, local and individual issues which confront us throughout our many diverse cultures and environments. All are inspired in varying degrees and impelled by the streams of energy flowing throughout the dimensions of our world from the point of being and intention of the One in Whom we live and move and have our being.

Behind every outer form there is a subtle form…seen through the eyes of the soul.

The invisible world of forces and energies carries inspiration from deeper causative levels through to human apprehension. Before any new solution comes into being there is an initiating thought of it – a spark in the realm of ideas. Everything in the visible world arises from an idea and an intention. Behind every outer form there is a subtle form that may be invisible to physical eyes but can be clearly seen through the eyes of the soul. As we intuit a thought, we intuit the subtle form of a new creative idea. These ideas can emerge either true to the initiating impulse or distorted, depending on how identified we are with our Soul. The Soul itself is the inner lighted Presence behind our outer personality in the world. The Tibetan master reminds us that:

… all that IS is ever present. What we are concerned with is the constant awakening to that which eternally IS, and to what is ever present in the environment but of which the subject is unaware, owing to short-sightedness. …The Kingdom of God is present on Earth today and forever has been, but only a few …are aware of its signs and manifestations. The world of subtle phenomena …is ever with us and can be seen and contacted and proved as a field for experiment and experience and activity if the mechanism of perception is developed as it surely can be. The sounds and sights of the heavenly world …are as clearly perceived by the higher initiate as are the sights and sounds of the physical plane as you contact it in your daily round… The world of energies, with its streams of directed force and its centres of concentrated light is likewise present, and the eye of the see-er can see it… The subjective realm is vitally more real than is the objective, once it is entered and known. It is simply …a question of the acceptance, first of all, of its existence, the development of a mechanism of contact, the cultivation of the ability to use this mechanism at will, and then inspired interpretation.” Telepathy And The Etheric Vehicle, page 53-4

…bumping our way between the opposing forces eventually guides us to the point where we awaken to the joy of Soul being

Through our outer world experience, we begin to learn through the opposites – what brings pain and what leads to happiness. The process of bumbling and bumping our way between the opposing forces eventually guides us to the point where we awaken to the joy of Soul being and remember who we really are. What deep joy in that realisation! No matter the outer circumstances, the pain or the suffering, the realised soul lives in a vibrant world of love, light and service to the divine Life in Whom we live. As our perception expands through this realisation, we become aware of the subtle causes of outer things and events – of divine intention and of the joy of achievement when the soul expresses in the world through the human heart. The Tibetan Master spoke of this new discipline:

Have you ever thought… that just as there is a discipline of pain and of sorrow, there may also be a discipline of joy and of achievement? This is a thought worthy of attention. [People] need these days to learn this new truth, and its perception will greatly change human consciousness. That which is bliss is today here or on its way, and the disciples and aspirants of this present time must be taught how to recognise and implement it.” Discipleship in the New Age II, page 671

Seeing through the eyes of the soul means seeing through the heart where the inner and outer worlds unite

Seeing through the eyes of the soul means seeing through the heart where the inner and outer worlds unite – where life, light and colour synthesize into expressed beauty. If we can see through the heart and think in the heart, our world will become a glorious embodiment of the inflow of beauty from the world of Life or spirit, through the Light of the Soul, manifesting in the world. When this synthesis is realised in our own living experience, we unite the worlds. Then all is light, and we see the light in all. This is described in a commentary on one of the sutras of Patanjali:

He has arrived at the point at the heart of his being. From that point of pure spiritual realisation, he can increasingly work in the future. Through practice, he strengthens that realisation, and all life, work and circumstances are viewed as a passing pageant with which he is not concerned. Upon them, however, he can turn the searchlight of pure spirit; he himself is light and knows himself as part of the “Light of the World,” and “in that light shall he see light.” He knows things as they are and realizes that all which he has hitherto regarded as reality is but illusion. He has pierced the great Maya and passed behind it into the light which produces it and for him mistake is in the future impossible; his sense of values is correct; his sense of proportion is exact. He no longer is subject to deception but stands freed from delusion. When this point is realized, pain and pleasure no longer affect him; he is lost in the bliss of Self-Realization.” The Light of the Soul, page 104

The light of Life magnetically draws us on…to the infinite bliss of spiritual realisation.

The light of Life magnetically draws us on – through the challenges of material living, to the joy of the expansive soul, and eventually to the infinite bliss of spiritual realisation. We may choose our time, but it can only be within the greater cycles of the progressive unfolding of the glorious Cosmos of which we are a part.

Into my heart’s night Along a narrow way I groped; and lo! the light, An infinite land of day. ~Rumi


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