Tuesday , 16 July 2024
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Why we have less than 9 years left to save the planet!

This excellent 9-minute video from activist filmmaker Jack Harries explains why we have only 9 years left to halve global emissions, and explores why we should reframe “climate change” as a “climate crisis”.

The video takes a look back at all the COPs of the past, the crucial turning points of the Paris climate agreement, and the 2018 IPCC report in order to understand why COP 26 this year in Glasgow is so important in our attempts to limit temperature rise.

This video produced by Earthrise Studio is the third in a series of five videos called “The Breakdown”.  You can view the five episodes of the series from this page https://www.earthrise.studio/project/the-breakdown

From the Guardian article:-

Social media platforms are no longer just for selfies and blogs but a place “to organise and educate” people about the climate crisis, according to YouTube star turned activist filmmaker Jack Harries.

One of a growing band of “green influencers” who are harnessing the power of social media to tell stories about the climate to create change, Harries has made a series called The Breakdown for the free environmental streaming service WaterBear, which was founded last year by the creator of Netflix documentary My Octopus Teacher Ellen Windemuth, and is backed by Prince Harry, Lily Cole and Maisie Williams.”


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