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And We Bring the Light, 1922, Nicolas Roerich

2023 WMEA Conference

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2023 WMEA Annual International

Agni Yoga – Living Ethics Conference

This special, three-day, hybrid event (on Zoom and in person) will feature international guest speakers live from Italy, Australia, Russia, and the United States, including keynote speakers:

Alena Adamkova – “From Earth toward the Distant Worlds” – author, translator, documentary filmmaker, and past curator of the Roerich Trust in India

Fiorenza Bortolotti – “The Root of the Light of Fire” – vice president of the Italian Society of Agni Yoga; one of the founders of the Italian Association of the Banner of Peace; responsible for the Himalayan Centers at Crookety House and the Darjeeling Goodwill Centre

Saul Diamond – “Light Emergent” – a long-time student of esoterica, who in his life’s journey has been a practitioner of Zen Buddhism and a student with the School of Light and Realization; currently conducts an esoteric study group

Nikolai Kachanov – “Nicholas Roerich and Music” – Ph.D. in Choral Conduct-ing; one of the founders of the Russian Chamber Chorus in New York and the Nikolai Kachanov Singers choral ensemble

Vadim Melikhov – “New Era of Cooperation” – member of the Toronto Lodge of the Theosophical Society, a group focused on opening and developing the Heart in everyday life, using the Teaching of Agni Yoga as the main guidance

Wendy J. Thompson – “Creative Meditation using Nicholas Roerich’s paintings as portals to the Healing Luminous Light of the Subtle and Fiery Worlds” – creative practitioner in the Screen Arts, educator, leader, playwright producer, and co-founder of the Global Silent Minute.


Beautiful is the law that permits each incarnate being to have within him eternal Agni, as a Light in the darkness.”

(Fiery World I, 183)


All beings are drawn toward Light. This is the first law of the Cosmos. The Teaching is Light. The Teaching is the armor that can withstand all attacks and a source that brings us endless joy.”

— Joleen D. DuBois

To register for the 2023 WMEA Annual International Agni Yoga – Living Ethics Conference or to learn more about the Conference—including the schedule of events—visit our website at and click on the 2023 Conference icon, or

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Conference fee: In an approach that we believe is aligned with the spirit of Agni Yoga, we ask that you allow your heart to guide you when giving financially to support this Conference.

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