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A Lion Called Christian

In 1969 two young Australian travelers, Ace Bourke and John Randall, had just arrived in London when they bought a lion cub from Harrods department store. While he was a cub they felt they could look after him as well as anyone, and do their best to secure his future. They called him Christian.

When Christian grew too big for their home in London, they moved to the country until it was arranged for Christian to be returned to the wild.

Forty years later the YouTube clip featuring Christian’s unforgettable reunion with Ace and John, a year after his return to Africa, introduced a new world audience who are intrigued and enchanted by Christian’s story. With the love and trust he shared with Ace and John, he has become a symbol of human animal relationships and the importance and urgency of animal and wildlife conservation.

Well known author, Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson says of the reunion:

“It reminds us that love can transcend any bounds.”


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  1. What a wonderful site! Thank you all so much! Arohanui from NZ!

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