Tuesday , 27 February 2024
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A Moonlight Night – The Most Beautiful Ukrainian Song 🇺🇦(Dedicated to All Brave Ukrainian People)🇺🇦

This 4-minute video features a beautiful rendition of a Ukrainian song dedicated to the brave Ukrainian people.

PPZ production dedicates this beautiful love song to all brave Ukrainian people, who will never surrender. Their freedom is our freedom. Their lives are our lives! Just turn on English subtitles.

This is Gimnazija Kranj Symphony Orchestra and Choir’s dedication to brave Ukrainian people who suffer under the brutal Russian invasion. Our musicians performed this beautiful love song a couple of years ago. Diana Novak did an amazing arrangement. It was composed by Mykola Lysenko with lyrics written by Mykhailo Starytsky. Arrangement: Diana Novak, Soloists: Rok Zupanc, Lovro Krišelj, Chorus Master: Erik Šmid, Conductor: Nejc Bečan.

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