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The year 2025 is the time when the Spiritual Hierarchy will hold its centennial conclave to precipitate plans for humanity for the next century. The world group, as the Ajna center of the planet, has the opportunity to play a conscious part in this planetary event.

The Leo-Sirius Festival, August 17-21, provides us with an opportunity to expand our group sensitivity and experiment with intergroup telepathic alignment. The intention in August is to hold telepathic awareness of each other over the five days of the Festival, and get a felt sense of acting as one planetary presence, as the one planetary Eye, which may receive the vision of the Plan and transmit it into the three worlds.

In Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle by Alice A. Bailey, it is said that:

“The subjective realm is vitally more real than is the objective, once it is entered and known. It is simply (how simple to some and how insuperably difficult to others, apparently!) a question of the acceptance, first of all, of its existence, the development of a mechanism of contact, the cultivation of the ability to use this mechanism at will, and then inspired interpretation.” (page 54).

In the lead up to the Leo Festival, we invite us to use the opportunity of the three preceding Solar Festivals (full moons) to telepathically reach out to each other and practise conscious subjective intergroup alignment as One Planetary Server. We suggest using the exact time of each full moon for a simultaneous alignment. We may invoke our intergroup unity also as part of any of our regular group meditations during the five day period of each full moon.

During the five days of the Leo Festival itself, we will coordinate a daily moment of simultaneous intentional telepathic communion. This moment will be calibrated to the exact time of the full moon on 19 August 2024 at 6:25pm GMT. Thus, daily we will link at that time. The link-in will be subjective, except for the opening and the closing of the Festival, for which we will meet on zoom for a shared silence, on:

  • 17 August from 6:15pm to 6:35pm GMT
  • 21 August from 6:15pm to 6:35pm GMT

Use this time converter for the exact time in your area:

Sydney Goodwill will continue to provide updates on this initiative through the newsletter, however, if your group would like to be added to the growing list of those participating and for further information, please contact: . Please save this email address in your contact list or/and mark this message as important. This will help in the future to avoid messages from this email being filtered out by your email provider.

In order to keep the focus primarily on the inner reality of Oneness within the World Group, we suggest leaving the actual intergroup contacts for the next phase of work, when the ‘geometry’ of intergroup connections will begin to emerge as a result of the inner experience. There is a story about a researcher who was studying telepathic communication among dolphins. The dolphins requested the researcher to refrain from touching them physically, in order to stimulate the more subtle ways of contact. So, in the same way, we are suggesting a “no touching” approach between the groups during this first phase of the experiment. 


Image 1: Dominique from Pixabay  Image 2: NASA on Unsplash  Image 3:  Enrique from Pixabay  Graphic Design:  Wendy J Thompson

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