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Aquarius Full Moon

Sun in Aquarius Full Moon in Leo 2015

Subtle expression and awareness of world and community issues

by Stephen Bayliss
This chart does not have a lot of conflict, so it is more relaxed than those of previous months. There are a number of planets in Aquarius and Pisces, which are both in their natural houses, hence strengthening their expression. This highlights subtle expression and awareness of world and community issues.

After the reflective and somewhat more serious time in Capricorn, the Sun moves its way into Aquarius. Aquarius is actually a fixed air sign, though at times is mistaken as a water sign, due to its visual interpretation and symbolism of the man holding the jug of overflowing water. This symbolism is important, especially as we move into the new age of Aquarius, which it is said to fully begin in the next century.

We are told that only through the overcoming of our emotional desire body, through an intelligent and love motivated mind, can we progress forward in our evolution to move towards oneness with our soul. The symbolism here is apt, the water (emotions) are bottled in a jug, controlled and used by man with his mind to add to creation. The emotions, not controlling our thoughts, but our thoughts using our emotions to give the physical body vitality, and the man pouring the water forth towards Humanity in an act of selfless love.

The mantram for this sign is “Water of Life am I, poured forth for thirsty men”, which ties in well with the above observation. Having overcome the emotional state, with the mind set on creative love, we pour forth our knowledge and wisdom for the benefit of others for the goal of betterment of the earth.

Aquarius represents Humanity and sharing

Aquarius would be considered one the signs that most represents Humanity and sharing. Its opposite, Leo, is all about the self and learning your own uniqueness and centre of light. Aquarius is all about community and groups, learning together and sharing with one and all. As the suns axis begins to slowly point more and more towards this sign, expect the effect of Aquarius to come more and more influential. It is traditionally ruled by Uranus, the planet most thought to symbolise new change, new age, electricity and also technology-based living.

There are many planets in both Aquarius and Pisces, highlighting both community and the world.

As you ponder on this chart, at the time of the full moon, one senses an easier month from one point of view. There are many planets in both Aquarius and Pisces, highlighting both community and the world. Mostly, the aspects are less intense, with some favourable and more basic energies abound. Think community and world issues, yet without the supercharged tension so present over the last year.  This full moon will be less intense, without the squares, oppositions and the tension of the charts of the last twelve months. Community and world issues will still be highlighted due to strong Aquarius and Pisces energy.  We will be aware of these issues with at least the chance to work on them – without acute tension inflaming them and requiring immediate expression. This is because the aspects are more favourable, with trines and sextiles, not squares and oppositions.

Saturn brings some serious responsibility that is challenged by Neptune’s influence

Saturn has made its way into Sagittarius over the last few months, so it brings with it some serious responsibility in our ideas, learning methods and higher study options. It will be a good time in the next few years to get serious about things you have wanted to study, learn or travel to. Saturn is squaring Neptune in Pisces though, this will continue for a while. I guess the hint here could be it might be hard trying to balance one’s responsibility to learn and search with one’s desire to get lost in the spiritual. Saturn would say “make it count”, Neptune will say, “release fully”, especially while it is in Pisces.

You will need to balance your emotions for the greater good

At the time of the full moon, the actual full moon is in Leo, right alongside Jupiter. There could be the ability here to get caught up in the self, especially with one’s emotional state. This will seem exaggerated, especially with Jupiter there. It could add wisdom, or it could add abundance and excessiveness. The key here will be to learn to balance your own sense of emotions with your identification with the community and the greater good.

The Sun itself is sitting favourably in the 11th house at the time of the actual full moon. This is the house that is traditionally ruled by Aquarius, which always means its natural house. Where the sun is, is where the main focus of identification is. Expect Humanity and its plight, its causes, to be highlighted by your own point of identification; this is a good thing perhaps with the energy of Pisces not far away.

Expect water-based themes to pop into your consciousness

The ascendant of this chart and therefore its ruler, its sheath, is Pisces again, continuing a strong Pisces flavour to this full moon and the time around it. Pisces is ruled by Neptune on the traditional level, so expect plenty of water-based themes, including rain, emotion, the ocean to pop up into our consciousness.

The esoteric ruler of Pisces is Pluto, the transformer, which is still in Capricorn and will be for years. It is also in the 10th house at the time of the full moon, so expect it to make a public appearance somehow. It is sextile to Chiron, which is favourable. Whatever way it chooses to transform, perhaps it won’t be as emotional as we had at the end of last year, though still may be a little sensitive. It appears it will work in a less acute way, though be assured of some more change, as we progress on this ever evolving, living and breathing planet, that supplies us with life.

Be assured of some more change, as we progress on this ever evolving, living and breathing planet, that supplies us with life.

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