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aquarius sun
Aquarius and Capricornus constellations from the Mercator celestial globes at Harvard Map Collection
- Credit: Wikimedia

Aquarius Sun Leo Full Moon 2018

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Thursday 1st February 2018 12:26am AEDT  (Time in Sydney, Australia.)

We are already heading into the airy realms of Aquarius, as this year moves along quickly. The rate at which consciousness is evolving is leading to an ever-increasing rapidness in time perception, and the start of this year is no different. One month of this year has gone past already, where has it gone….?

The answer is, of course, that it depends on the quality of your perception and experience of life. For some living in pain and suffering, time can appear slow and long. For others, time seems to slip by in the blink of a moment, as time is not necessarily something they think about.

The reason that time is so relevant now is that we are moving into a realm of time, perceived and planned a long time ago. The current age (irrespective of any debate over whether we are actually in the Age of Aquarius or are within its vision) is one where we will see some of the most important change for both Humanity and the planet that we currently call home, the Earth. The Aquarian age promises to deliver a life where the consciousness of the Soul is at one with all things.

As we enter this age, huge changes are forced out, disrupting our set ways that we have become accustomed to over the myriad of lives that we have lived here. The karmic wheel of living has seen us live many different lives, so within us is this form that we have partaken of many times, each with slight variations. Imagine, however, the changes to this for all of us, as the evolution of consciousness speeds up, and we enter into a new and completely different way of living, one that is different to what we have lived, yet is completely within us and more akin to our Soul nature. This is Aquarius, the water bearer.

If we were to cast our eyes back over even 20 years ago, could we actually have predicted the relevance in our lives of our smartphones, the ability to connect us to everyone in the world in a moment? Could we have actually forseen the emergence of companies like UBER, the effect of Facebook or Amazon, or Bitcoin and the new cryptocurrencies? …….Probably not. The effects of these newer companies and many others like them, have revolutionised our way of living and have allowed us to connect with the world.

One of the big themes I see, however, is the effect of connection……and sharing. Like no other time in the long history of the Humanity,  we now have the ability to connect and share with other people worldwide. Of course, it is great on the more mundane level of sharing pictures, thoughts, feelings and opinions and money.  Yet it is at the Soul level where the most important things happen. We are deeply connected in belief, in recognition and in love. These are all aspects of the water bearer, of Aquarius.

The symbol of Aquarius is one of a man holding a water jug, and out of that jug pours forth water, dispersing into the rivers of life for all others. The higher mantram for this sign explains it perfectly – “Water of life am I, poured forth for thirsty men”. A lot of people think Aquarius is a water sign because of the water coming forth, yet it is definitely an air sign. The little symbol of Aquarius is of 2 parallel wavy lines, almost representing electricity lines or waves. These are waves of thought and of mind.

Has there ever been a better time for the water of life to be poured forth? It seems to me that Humanity is thirsty, begging for ideas, for wisdom to come forth, invoking an inner response from the higher realms and from that response, change is inevitable. We are talking change from many lifetimes.  For aeons of living, change has been slow and painful, but now in these times when consciousness is quickening, it is fast and at times still very painful. Yet here we are, on the cusp and beginning of this new age. This Age of Aquarius.

So as this full moon rolls around and we enter fully into the energy of Aquarius, let us maximise the effect of the above-mentioned energies and participate as fully as we can, in full Soul consciousness. As you may have heard, this coming Full moon is being labelled a Super Blue Blood moon, which really heightens the effect and power of the Sun. It is the second full moon of the month (Blue), which is neither rare nor overly common. There is a Lunar eclipse (blood), meaning a line-up of Sun, Earth and Moon. The moon will also be close (super), making its effect even stronger.

What does this mean? Probably many things that we do not understand, celestial happenings beyond our current understanding. However, we do know that it will be a time to maximise available energies.  Like all time of great significance – times where there are opportunities, pockets or a window where certain energies are opened up and those who know, maximise them at that time, usually along a selected line……

There are no mistakes in cosmic activity and I am pretty sure there will be some major developments taking place in the next couple of weeks, ones that maximise Aquarian energy, enhance our understanding and push through some major revelations, even if we do not consciously see it or know it for months or years to come……

A quick look at the chart for the exact time of the Full Moon, reveals a very strong Aquarian influence, with the Sun, Mercury, Vulcan and Venus all there. These are all in the third house of communication at the time of the Full moon, leading me to think that there will be some great passing on of teaching available to everyone. Basically, all of the personal planets being in Aquarius will make this so.

Aquarius is about sharing, Leo is about finding ourselves. Balancing this axis is important.

Blocking this, of course, is the moon itself, in Leo. Leo promotes the self, so thinking about others is usually put on hold as we take the centre stage, especially in our emotional life. This is, of course, necessary, as we struggle to first find out who we are, and how we fit into life, then how to express ourselves and our emotions. This can take the emphasis away from thinking about others though, as we can get locked into our own worlds. Aquarius is about sharing, Leo is about finding ourselves. Balancing this axis, like at all Full moons, is always important.

Saturn is sitting nicely in Capricorn, where it will be for the next few years. It is very at home there and rules Capricorn on the traditional and Soul levels. To me, this signifies hard work for the coming few years for us all. Not everyone likes to hear it, but it is there anyway. Expect to see your work structured and streamlined over the next 2 years, as Saturn takes effect. However, that work will not be wasted, and you will feel a push to perhaps work on the very thing you incarnated to do……..as the Soul asks of you to work on what you have to offer. I won’t say karma, but there will definitely feel like a pull to work on what you feel responsible to contribute.

Ruling this chart on the ascendant at the time of the Full moon is Sagittarius. The archer will lend its fire and arrows of truth to both the Aquarius Sun and Leo Moon, keeping a nice balance. I think this energetic influence will double the teaching aspect available to us during this time, allowing us to both learn and pass on anything perceived throughout this Full Moon period.

After the more quiet and reflective time we have had over the last month (somewhat forced with what we observed overseas), expect things to really start winding up leading into Pisces and then after the spiritual period with Aries, Taurus and Gemini.

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