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Be Silent – Rumi

This 3-minute video is based on a poem by Rumi.

Mawalan Jalaluddin Rumi also known as Mohammad Jalaluddin Balkhi was a 13th-century Persian poet, jurist, Islamic scholar, theologian, and Sufi mystic originally from Greater Khorasan. The general theme of Rumi’s thought, like that of other mystic and Sufi poets of Persian literature, is that of tawhid — union with the Beloved, from whom he sees himself as being cut off and aloof.”

Music credit:
Nostalgic Place
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Images were found on Pinterest with special thanks from the video author “Mystic’s Paradise” to the unknown artists.

From the video channel “Mystic’s Paradise”:-

In history various Sufi saints have also been renowned writers and poets. These friends of Allah worked for spiritual upliftment of people and acted as bridge between man & Allah. For this they also wrote various books, though literary achievement has never been their focus but they ended up being high grade writers and poets.
The essential message of Sufism is to remember God and serve others. The true practice of devotion is service. If you wish to serve the beloved, you must serve others. In selfless service, we begin to see ourselves clearly. The rough ego starts to be smoothed and we learn humility, tenderness, and love. Harsh judgments, arrogance, and divisive qualities are diluted in the river of our intentions to help others. The twin pillars of Sufism are selfless service and love. Only one who loves can serve.”

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