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Leo Sun – Aquarius Full Moon – 2021

Actual Full Moon: Sunday 22nd Aug 10:01pm AEST (time in Sydney, Australia)

We are fast approaching the second Full Moon for the period of the Sun’s sojourn through Leo for 2021. It has been like a bookend, with an initiatory Full moon at the start, followed by the upcoming Full Moon to complete this current cycle. In between, we had the New Moon on the 8/8, that auspicious day when Sirius lines up with the Earth.

The power of this period cannot be denied, with the link to Sirius ushering in powerful energies onto the Earth. Sirius is said to be the home of the Great White Lodge – where the true Hierarchy of Light resonates from. This particular time had the New Moon in Leo fall on the same day, creating and enhancing many things, including the energy of Leo.

These are troubled times though. The old world is definitely crumbling. In the last 18 months, there has been no avenue of Human expression of life that has not been affected, as we fast approach an initiation on the Earth, long forecast in all major spiritual traditions.

From the crumbling decay that we are seeing, something new is being born. For all here on Earth at this time, we will need courage, emanating from the sign of Leo. We will need to be brave like the lion, as systems and our way of living changes, often dramatically, and we are challenged to adapt and grow. We will need to step into our own authentic selves, free from the glamour of the personality, into our divine selves. The Leo mantra explains this well – ‘I am that and that am I’.

The Sun is always preparing and directing the field, of which we are a part. This is the Sun’s Solar system and it is due to its Will that we are here, though it answers to even Higher powers itself. The field is alive with planets, who all serve the Will of the Sun – bound to its gravitational pull and thus tied to its evolution. They all have their own evolution of course, and their interaction with each other and their positioning create the particulars of the energetic field we find ourselves in.

This current field is predominated by the Saturn/Uranus square. Their touching, in the aspect of the challenging square, has very much layered what has played out this year. The coming together of Pluto/Jupiter/Saturn in Capricorn last year, brought the themes of death, fear and transformation (Pluto), with the Saturnian attributes of restriction, suppression, laws, karma and time. Jupiter added the energetic influences of expansion, inflation and experience. Capricorn provided the realm of government, corporations, authority and the father figure.

This year has seen an increase of last year’s influence, albeit with more streamlined energies. Pluto is still there in Capricorn of course, but it not surrounded by Saturn or Jupiter. Saturn is in Aquarius, emanating out to the field a requirement for responsibility to people, to community, to the masses. The Saturnian iron grip requires us to respect groups of people, to think about them, to remember Karma. It asks us to respect those in authority and forgo more personal rights in response to the greater whole. It asks us to do the right thing.

But, all energies have lower vibrational influences, and Saturn in Aquarius is no different. The rise of militant expectations to conform, and the destruction and silencing of those that present a different point of view, is on the rise. The suggestion that for those who feel restricted, who balk at the idea of conformity, who feel enclosed by expectation to tow a line as it is the right thing to do, are selfish and only think about themselves, are examples of this in play.

The Uranus energy is very different. I said a while back that we would see plans manifested that had been in preparation for a long time. Uranus in Aries is highly stimulating, as the Soul ruler of Aries is Mercury. This was for a period of 7 years where many things were planned and thought out on the mental plane. We are seeing this manifest and anchor now, as it moves through Taurus.

Since it entered into Taurus, exited and then went back, we have seen the rise of ‘New Money’. Crypto and digital currency , the breaking down of the use of cash, a centralized banking system, are all examples of this in play. This is what happens when a planet like Uranus – which represents change, freedom, and initiation – enters into an earth related sign. It is not necessarily happy there, as the restrictions brought about by Taurus do not compliment its nature. Yet, all things happen for a reason, and this is the same.

The squaring of these 2 planets right now tell you most of what you need to know in regard to how the energetic field is playing out. The government and many others are responding to the Saturnian influence, often stepping past their boundaries of jurisdiction, in the name of health of the whole. It is ripe for this type of behaviour and they are making the most of it. Some people have enjoyed lockdowns immensely, as it has given them time to take a step back.

Others have responded to the Uranian influence, as they feel their liberties are taken away and as they respond to the pressing in around them of a ring-pass-not (literally physically). They might have lost their jobs, their futures, their careers (all Taurus aspects). They have probably also changed their values (again Taurus), eliminating friends and families who disagree with them or who do not see eye to eye. This is a cleansing process, a freeing up, followed by the entering in of new energy.

I try my best to remember that for most people, they are good of heart. They might be responding more to Saturn or Uranus, but in the end, we can only do what we think is best.

The field requires that people respond to particular energies, that is how they get to play out. So we can remember that when we do not see eye to eye – just know, they are playing out their part of a bigger plan.

I can see the influence of Leo in this article. Leo is ruled by Rays 1 and 5 in the esoteric literature. You can see Ray 1 playing out, with strong will and governance on display over the world. I believe the real reason for this though is for us to discover or use Self-governance, the ownership over one’s own little will. The use of the Higher Will, from a Divine place within, is part of the true essence of Leo.

The 5th Ray is also very evident, even in this article, as I attempt to explain the implications of a square between 2 powerful planets. Ray 5 rules the mind, whether that be the lower or Higher mind. During this month we have had access to the Higher mind, born out into the realms of creativity and expression. This has been a powerful month – have you used it to create white magic around you?.

Luckily as I write this there are still a few days left to use this potency before the Sun goes into Virgo, which will bring its own changes and influences.

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