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Esoteric Essays

Each month we publish an essay highlighting goodwill in world affairs.

The Living Bridge

altai mountain range

If we think about it, we really do live in a world of “optical illusions” and in the widening prevalence of “virtual” exchange and communication it is becoming the basis of how we interact with one another and our world. The manipulation of perspective in art, architecture or gardens is sometimes called trompe-l’œil (deceive the eye) when designed to evoke …

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Our Eternal Source and Destination

tree of life

If we were to ask anyone just ‘off the cuff’ what they most want, they might spontaneously express it as, say, to get to the end of the working day, or to own something which they feel would bring a release into a freer, less constrained way of living, or even ‘world peace’ for which we all long. For a …

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Joy is a Special Wisdom

Kingfisher with Lotus

We are told that “joy is a special wisdom” but how can we speak of joy when there is so much sorrow and suffering in the world? And yet how can one persevere and endure the pain of living in the world without access to the wellspring of the heart that knows the vivifying and uplifting power of joy? Joy …

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Breathing the Radiance of Life

Breathing the Radiance of Life

The holiday season has slipped away and perhaps, in that time of ease and celebration, we have found moments in which to reflect on the past year, to share old memories at gatherings of family and friends, and have reached a kind of “closure” of the passing cycle in life’s rhythm. We may now be ready to look ahead with …

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The Tower Beyond Tragedy

Tower Beyond Tragedy

The Christmas Season approaches as a timely reminder of the great inflow of divine energies embodied in the Christ, of the divine within each and every one, and of the soul in all things and in all kingdoms in nature. Christmas stories abound with the significance of the plant kingdom, of the animal and human kingdoms, and of the angelic …

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Courage is Born of a Pure Heart

Unfolding Petals of the Heart

How different might seem world events if we observed them through the far-seeing and all-inclusive eyes of the Soul. Seeing through the immediate surface events of material plane living (and all that has been constructed to organise it throughout millennia) we might perceive souls infusing their outer personas to express in the world. And in spite of all the material …

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Restoring Balance Through the Human Heart


We may speak of “heart and soul” yet, in a sense, are they not one and the same? And surely we are seeing the heart of humanity moving to the fore with a new point of view – of balance – emerging, as ordinary human hearts open to the great diaspora of refugees fleeing the dire circumstances from which we …

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Approaching the great simplicity of Being

Flowers & Pattern

If everything we nurture is a seed of the future, we might need to consider what kind of future we are creating from the substance of our energy and focussed attention. Since everything carries within it the potent force of its potential we are always in a position to direct that potential towards constructing a world which – deep down …

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And We Do Not Fear

And We Do Not Fear - Nicholas Roerich

In the movie Fly Away Home a young girl becomes a surrogate parent for a brood of Canada geese hatchlings. She even learns to fly an ultralight plane in order to lead and teach them their migratory path – across borders, laws, procedures and regulations – to a safe haven in a warmer climate for a cycle of new life …

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The Living Substance of Light

Living Substance of Light

The recent Vivid light festival in Sydney treated visitors to marvellous and interactive light creations all around the city and harbour – a reminder of the wonder of what we know as “light” – and we are only just at the beginning of our journey into its true realms. It can be so easy to take light for granted when …

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