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Creative Thought-power Opens New Vistas
Photo: Liberty Jay

Creative Thought-power Opens New Vistas

As the world opens up to its oneness, a multitude of responses and reactions is playing out. Many displaced people depend on a global oneness of community as they flee dangerous situations hoping for safer places where they might care for their loved ones; many stand against divisive forces to affirm and proclaim the oneness of the people. Some react with polarising force, others respond by rising above fear into joy in our common humanity – our soul being – and in our deep interconnection with the whole of life expressing through our beautiful world.

…a whole new thought-form begins to take root in the world.

To a traditional view it may seem that force overcomes all that stands against it, but the power of the human heart is gradually being realised and, as we think this through, we empower it and a whole new thought-form begins to take root in the world. A new human identity is coming alive. It is an identity that thrives on joy and expresses through the heart. This new identity cannot be imposed or coerced by force but is entered into voluntarily – and so it is powerful enough to withstand because it expands beyond the world of force and into the infinite lighted realm of the soul which neither darkness nor death can extinguish.

…We return many times to this concept of voluntariness. It is the foremost condition of discipline. The least thought about forcing destroys all achievements. Not only does the Teacher not compel, but the disciple also must not force himself. The discipline of Good is a self-generated joy. What an indestructible immunity is created through joy! The calmness of a yogi is not due to detached imperturbability, but to an inner, flaming joy. Such is the path of discipline. Some will say: How easy! But they do not know that joy is a special wisdom.
The Thinker taught, ‘He who has learned joy has already stepped onto the path of wisdom.’” from Supermundane, sloca 559

We are reminded of the discipline of joy in this passage from the Tibetan Master:

Have you ever thought, my brother, that just as there is a discipline of pain and of sorrow, there may also be a discipline of joy and of achievement? This is a thought worthy of attention. Men need these days to learn this new truth, and its perception will greatly change human consciousness. That which is bliss is today here or on its way, and the disciples and aspirants of this present time must be taught how to recognise and implement it.” Discipleship in the New Age II, page 671

Thought is the constructive power of the Cosmos.

Our response to the world is based on what we think the world is and who we think we are. Thought is the constructive power of the Cosmos. We react to the world according to what we think it is and, as we expand and deepen our thinking, we discover an emerging world that can be very different to what we may have previously thought. Alice Bailey explains:

One of the basic laws in … spiritual unfoldment is given in the words ‘As a man thinketh, so is he,’ and to it one can link the oriental truism, ‘Energy follows thought’ as an explanation. As a man changes his desires, so he changes himself; as he shifts his consciousness from one objective to another, so he alters himself, and this is true in all realms and states, higher or lower.
The effect of the transference of our conscious thinking state from a low objective to a high one produces a flow of energy of a vibratory quality equivalent to the higher objective. This produces a change or a mutation in the vestures of the thinking entity, and they become transmuted and brought to a condition where they are adequate to the thought or desire of the man. Carried to their conclusion, a transformation is produced, and the words of St. Paul become therefore clear: ‘Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind.’
Change your line of thought and you will change your nature. Desire that which is true and right, pure and holy, and your consciousness of these things will create out of the old a new vehicle or new man, an ‘instrument meet for use.’” The Light of the Soul, page 382

…we can see the forging of new thought and new realisations about our world emerging

As we observe the challenges facing the attendees at the COP26 summit in Glasgow, we can see the forging of new thought and new realisations about our world emerging from the process as they are hammered out in the pull between the old world of forceful exploitation and a new perception of our world as one life shared by all its interdependent parts. While representatives grapple with the real and imminent threat of climate change, millions around the world are thinking through the issues and voicing their thought through lobbying, demonstration, protest, submissions, and statements. There is a shared expansion of thought and new thinking that is leading to new realisations, new ideas and new constructive possibilities.

People are rightfully asking, ‘How will the significance of thought be different in the New Era? Since the importance of thought is being affirmed so persistently, does it mean that thought is being given a special role in the regeneration of life?’ This is perfectly reasonable. During the Black Age, Kali Yuga, thought has revolved around man, and magnetism has only extended over small distances, while in the New Era thought means Space! That is why we must not think personally but spatially.” Heart, sloca 54

…creative thought-power uplifts and transforms us and opens new vistas that can enliven the human heart

Such creative thought-power uplifts and transforms us and opens new vistas that can enliven the human heart as it embraces more and more within its scope of attention and care. Thus, we transform ourselves and our world. While we shrink in fear, we miss the power and joy of our oneness. Those who cling to the limitations of familiar thinking are clinging to fear and infecting others with it. In an interview last year, Isabel Allende spoke of living without fear in a global pandemic:

…since our daughter Paula died 27 years ago, I have lost my fear of death forever. First, because I saw her die in my arms, and I realized that death is like birth, it’s a transition, a threshold, I lost my personal fear. At this moment if I catch the virus, I belong to the group of the most vulnerable, I’m 77 years old and I know that if I catch the virus I can die, and this possibility at this point in my life is very clear, but I look at it with curiosity and without fear. What this pandemic has taught me is to free myself from things. It has never been so clear to me that I need very little to live. I don’t need to buy, I don’t need more clothes, I don’t need to go anywhere, or travel, now I see I have too much. I don’t need more than two dishes! Then I started to realize who my true friends are and the people I want to be with.”From an interview with Isabel Allende 2020

When asked about the teaching of the pandemic for the collective, Isabel explains that:

COVID-19 is teaching us how to sort out priorities and show us reality. This pandemic underlines the inequalities of opportunity and resources in which society lives globally. Some pass the pandemic on a yacht in the Caribbean, and others go hungry, on the streets or at home locked in. It also brings the message that we are one family. What happens to a human being in Wuhan has a reflection on the entire planet.
We’re all connected, and that’s really evidence that the tribal idea we’re separated by groups and can defend our small group from other groups is an illusion. There are no walls, or walls that can separate people. The virus has brought a new mindset and today a large number of people, among them: creators, artists, scientists, young men and women, are moving towards a new normal. They don’t want to go back to old normality.
The virus invited us to design a new future. What do we dream for ourselves as a global humanity?” from an interview quoted in: https://www.goodthingsguy.com/opinion/living-without-fear-even-in-the-midst-of-a-global-pandemic/

In his poem, ‘Light’, Rabindranath Tagore, takes us beyond fear into the joy of the new world where we are one with Life in all its magical manifestations. It ends with the affirmation:

~ The heaven’s river has drowned its banks and the flood of joy is abroad.Rabindranath Tagore

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