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Image: Pixabay Graphic: Wendy J Thompson


According to the Ageless Wisdom Teaching, co-measurement is commensurability, one of the qualities of true Spirituality. The condition of the Spiritual Hierarchy, those who have mastered the human experience, is full co-measurement of thought and expression. And this is the heart of the truth of Beauty.

Commensurable means “having a common measure” or “corresponding in size, extent, amount, or degree.” Its antonym incommensurable generally refers to things that are unlike and incompatible, sharing no common ground.

All of Life is actually based on co-measurement. Presently we are appallingly out of co-measurement and lack an understanding of goal-fitness aligned with common purpose on the planet, thus we do harm to self, others and all life – the very opposite of harmlessness, self-forgetfulness and right speech, living in right relationship, which will result in peace.

It is challenging to discuss co-measurement until we have made a commitment, beyond self, to group work, and are proceeding with both feet on the Path. It is important to observe events and to remember that patience is the highest achievement; co-measurement is the highest wisdom.

When co-measurement becomes a way of life, we see everything from the perspective of the Common Good, thinking, speaking, and acting for the benefit of all humanity, of all life.

We are encouraged to co-operate as a miniature hierarchy. What does that mean? How does the spiritual Hierarchy operate? They co-operate with common purpose, each taking shared responsibility to offer their unique contribution fully, in their respective sphere of influence and responsibility, and always in right relationship with the whole. All decisions are made with all in mind at all times.

To operate in this way requires co-measurement … always measuring every decision and action in the spirit of cooperation within the purview of the common purpose.

A good example of co-measurement is Mother Nature. All of life is based on interdependence, mutual exchange, and cooperation, and nowhere is that better exemplified than throughout nature on this beautiful planet. We have only to think of the trees as their underground interconnectivity nurtures and supports the entire community, literally around the world.

Another excellent example of co-measurement is offered by Joleen Dubois, with White Mountain Education Association. (https://wmea-world.org/dv/) Joleen recently shared her thoughts about a metaphor for co-measurement, a symphony orchestra. It became very clear that while all play in an orchestra attuned harmoniously and focused on playing one common piece of music, each section shares responsibility within their area, including for example a first violin, and every individual takes full responsibility for sounding their note clearly and in rhythm with the entire orchestra. All turn to the conductor for leadership within this shared responsibility, shared leadership model, and there is gratitude and full support for each unique contribution within this miniature hierarchy. In the name of co-measurement the right place must be found for every person, otherwise we are out of balance and the sound is off. Every musician is tasked to keep in mind a synthesis of all activities of all the various sections of the orchestra, while simultaneously focused on their individual role within the sounding of the full symphony.

And so it is with our co-measurement as a miniature hierarchy of world servers, where it is necessary to keep in mind the synthesis of the activities of co-workers and groups in the spirit of cooperation. Otherwise it becomes impossible to wisely discriminate. The orchestra is a single organism and we all share responsibility for the health and well-being of the organism.

A healthy spirit and healthy heart is key, and health is basically a free-flow of spirit through form!

So perhaps the name of the score for our symphony is: Beauty on Earth in the Glory of Cosmos Or There is Nothing on Earth Higher than the given Plan for the Common Good. Let’s sing that song line together!

So …. now let’s discuss co-measurement.

  • The great Law of Balance; of Fiery Equilibrium is the Law of Co-Measurement.
  • Co-measurement is the basis of cooperation.
  • Co-measurement allows us to distinguish what is most urgent and needed in any given moment.
  • To live in co-measurement is to measure our thought, speech and action in the spirit of cooperation, always keeping in mind common purpose and the essence of Life.
  • Co-measurement means consistently observing what is unfolding around us as we ask the question, in each and every circumstance:
  •  What is most useful?
  •  What will draw forth the best right now?


To listen; deep listening through the heart serves well as we strive to live in right relationship with self, others and all life, ever in service to the Common Good.

Listen is an anagram for Silent.  We listen deeply as we invite the frequency of co-measurement to inform our very beingness.

Image: Pixabay Graphic: Wendy J Thompson


Justice and Co-measurement are measured by the heart. Perhaps, as our criminal justice system worldwide begins to walk the path of restoration rather than punishment, we are actually realizing that justice and co-measurement are indeed at the heart of new leadership. In fact, as we focus on activating new leadership, the new is the realization of leadership through the heart, which is the only way we will understand co-measurement … through the heart … and courage is literally cour – age, The Age of the Heart.

When we practice co-measurement the support is always there, for we become as the root system of those beloved trees, cooperating through grateful conscious interconnectedness as we give all knowing that we are nurtured and supported with every breath on every step along the way.

And just as it is with each musician in the symphony orchestra, through co-measurement it is up to each one of us to keep our instruments in tune, always and ever refining ourselves as we travel the Path, consistently honing our skills as we sound our note in the great symphony of Life.

In each group we may play a differing role and yet the essence is always co-measurement within the shared purpose on behalf of the common good.

Being in co-measurement while we are in form is a big undertaking and we come to realize joy is a special wisdom; the joy of group work and group service as part of an organism on behalf of the good of the whole.

May we never tire of sending good thoughts out to the world; may we never tire of holding forth an image of the New Era; may we never tire of sounding the note of love and courage; may we never tire of a life of co-measurement.

Here is a practice of co-measurement for us to work with:

Co-measurement prompts us where and when it is fitting to use speech or to be silent; this practice of discernment leads to a life of harmlessness as we learn to speak according to the level of the consciousness of the listeners and in co-measurement with circumstances. To not practice in this way can be harmful.


Observe and take a deep breath

Wisely and calmly discern

Listen deeply for a moment

Speech or Silence is the choice.


Again, co-measurement is the very basis of cooperation.

Image: Pixabay Graphic: Wendy J Thompson


It is said that loss of co-measurement is loss of the Path. And we can understand why. Take just a moment and let’s think about this … loss of co-measurement is loss of the Path.

Let’s consider that co-measurement is the law of balance; is the basis of cooperation; is living in right relationship; as we trust in, and take action according to the unfolding Plan. Unfolding. In fact, the Divine Plan is being restored. So how is it possible for us to criticize, complain, slander, claim untruths, or make another look bad; for as we well know, nothing is ever what it seems to be. And, we share the responsibility as we activate new leadership, through courage and love, to cooperate intentionally using our thoughts, words and actions, identified in that future that is unfolding … to literally realize and reveal the New Era according to the Plan.

Our co-measured lives are needed for the cosmic evolution we are living and moving and having our being within, and to be focused in the past or on something in the present negatively is simply not helpful … and is a loss of co-measurement … thus a loss of the Path. No harm will come as we aspire to the higher worlds! AUM sloka 150

Co-measurement is also a requisite for harmonious evolution. In fact, co-measurement is fiery equilibrium, and for this it is required that women rise up and take their rightful place with full equanimity. It is time for the Dual Origins to presence in the New Era. The rise of women promotes world equilibrium.

One more co-measurement practice:

On the Path it is necessary to maintain co-measurement and balance in everything, from the mundane to the supermundane. This is not easy.

Most often, in our striving, we are inclined to overdo; we forget that more is not better; in fact, overdoing can deplete psychic energy and create disturbances even in our health, thus impacting our capacity to serve. Co-measurement must be applied in everything. We activate new leadership in our daily lives through a constant conscious rhythm in Life and we can practice this rhythm daily as we remain vigilant, aware of being present in each and every moment, and discerning true need. Everything we do is done in the Light and for the Good of All in rhythm with the rising and setting Sun.

The spiritual life is governed by co-measurement. Co-measurement is truly the Golden Mean. Thus, we choose to measure everything in cooperation with the purpose of our human experience, knowing that we balance and discern and decide aligned with the emerging Divine Plan.

In Closing

Plato said Beauty will save the world.

In Agni Yoga it is said that the Realization of Beauty will save the world.

Beauty lives in conscious cooperation.

Cooperation is at the heart of co-measurement.

May we live and move and have our being in the grace of conscious co-measurement as the journey continues.

May we be led by the Light of Love.


This talk was given by Dot Maver as part of the Activating New Leadership International Event hosted by the Community of Living Ethics in Umbria Italy in 2022. It may be watched via this link https://youtu.be/VY2FQKeVgzo Click here for further details about the event: https://www.comunitadieticavivente.org/en/activating-new-leadership/

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