Tuesday , 18 June 2024
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Full SuperMoon in Pisces August 30-31st 2023

In this 44-minute video from Pam Gregory, Pam says that Uranus is going retrograde and running into the full supermoon at the end of August. This is likely to bring about all sorts of seismic activity, not only earthquakes and volcanoes, but political and financial eruptions, as well as power system outages and cyber-attacks. However, Uranus is also the planet of Truth, Awakening and Kundalini, so events may bring about much-needed changes.

At the time of the full supermoon, the Earth will be closer to the moon than at any other time of this year, so it will be very bright and will bring about higher tides than usual.

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  1. Thank you Pam so very much Blessings to you, I always look forward to listening to you, Kindest regards, Gleneys.

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