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Global Silent Minute and Hiroshima/Nagasaki 78

When the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima on August 6 at 8:15 am and Nagasaki on August 9 at 11:02 am 1945 in Japan, the impact was immediate, utterly devastating, and unrelenting in its ripple effect generationally. Every year since, at the exact atomic moments, a minute of silence is observed in Japan, honoring those who died, and praying for peace.

Since its inception in 2019 the Global Silent Minute, in cooperation with the Hiroshima Peace Team who observe the minute of silence at the Hiroshima Peace Park where the Temple Bell that survived the bombing rings at the exact time, observes one minute of silence at the exact moment the atomic bomb dropped.

The power of silence is greater than we know and Silence as Action in Sacred Unity is a powerful spiritual weapon.

This 78th year marks an evolving shift for humanity. In 1942 when the splitting of the atom was achieved by the Allied forces, it was a critical moment in humanity’s evolutionary journey. Had the dark forces achieved this goal first, the outcome for the Forces of Light in pursuit of the greatest good for the greatest number would have been severely impacted.

Japan suffered terribly in the Manifest World with the atomic explosions and yet, in the aftermath of the war, Japan has been a force in striving for global peace and forgiveness encapsulated in initiatives such as the gift of the Peace Bell to the United Nations in 1954. Inscribed on one side of the bell, in Japanese characters, are the words, “Long Live Absolute World Peace”. As the Peace Bell is struck and rings out, this intention embedded in its substance, reverberates in the space of the land designated for all nations to unite – the United Nations in New York – from which it ripples throughout the planet.

Wellesley Tudor Pole, Founder of the Silent Minute, recognized the intimate connection between the use of bells and Silence.  When the Silent Minute was launched in 1940 in WWII Britain was experiencing unrelenting bombing from Germany. Each night at 9 pm GMT Big Ben would sound its bells as a call to enter into the solemnity and sanctity of Silence and the BBC radio would go silent for one minute. Millions stopped to unite in Silence – through intention, prayer and invocation – to cooperate with all those on the other side of the veil in Silence as Action to bring an end to the war.

Big Ben was undergoing repairs when the Global Silent Minute began and this offered the opportunity to draw inspiration from a new point – Mount Kailash, known as the Mountain of the Bell in Tibet in the Himalayas.

Mountains played a role in ameliorating some of the devastation at Nagasaki by buffering the impact in some parts thereby protecting inhabitants and life from greater destruction from the blast.

As we imagine the ringing of the Mountain of the Bell as a planetary bell, it is as if a call is sounded on these two days in August to the mountains in Japan – and particularly Mount Fuji – to cooperate around the world and between worlds, across the veil – as Humanity is invited into the healing within the Great Silence.

Summits call us to our highest, our essence.  What if all the mountains of the world ring as bells calling us to that essence – that fire, the Spirit of Peace?

Nicholas Roerich paintings of Mount Kailash and Mount Fuji / wikiart.org


In the words of Fumi Johns Stewart, Director of May Peace Prevail on Earth International,

“Hiroshima is the epicenter of one of the worst crimes against humanity; yet the experience of the first atomic bomb is almost like receiving a jolt to awaken humanity to unity, oneness and working together for the establishment of a New Earth. Wellesley Tudor Pole, founder of the Silent Minute, saw an opportunity in the cosmic community to end war and to heal, working in cooperation from both sides of the veil. This year we could really feel that healing and the presence of so many cooperators around the world.”

One further note, August is ruled by Leo, the month of the Dog-star or Sirius which brings Sirius into close relation to Leo. This year Venus is also in Leo in her inferior station meaning it is closest to Earth and offering Her maximum light to our blue planet. Venus is to the Earth what the Soul is to the personality, and Sirius serves as Monad to the Earth. Thus the direct alignment of Earth’s Monad – Soul – Personality is profound in August 2023.

The minute of silence at the exact time of the atomic explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August in Japan provided a portal calling forth the liberation of the energy of the brilliant Star of Sensitivity Sirius that resides at the heart of every atom. The opportunity is again great!

Let us be heartful as we observe the outer manifestation of this inner identification as the journey continues.

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Co-authored by Dorothy J Maver and Wendy J Thompson, co-founders of Global Silent Minute

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  1. This posting is very moving for me. I am deeply interested in being a part of a worldwide effort for peace. Approximately 1990 I felt a similar longing to be involved with a world peace prayer which was planned. The hour of that prayer from 6:00 – 7:00 a.m. on the scheduled day I found myself ‘at the top of the world’ above the north pole about sattelite height I am guessing. There were many others there in a huge circle gathering. The experience totally impacted my soul.

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