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gemini full moon

Gemini Sun Sagittarius Full Moon

“I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow.”

Gemini is often labelled as two sided, with an inbuilt ability to literally divide themselves into two. Being in a mutable mode with the element of air as its expression, it can breezily shift between different levels of expression as easily as breathing. This, like all abilities that we have as gifts, can be used in a more positive expression or at times in a more manipulative negative expression.

If we look at the perceived lesser for a moment, we can see that Gemini energy can easily be used to express different things to different people, giving people with strong Gemini energy an opportunity to form words and say things that they perceive others want to hear. This is manipulation at its best and is why Gemini people can be called “two faced”. As a mode of expression, mutability gives the user an incredible ability to adapt to the environing energies. Given that Gemini also expresses the element of air, it is no wonder they are often said to have the “gift of the gab” or can talk their way out of anything. This can be true of a personal chart that has the Sun, Ascendant or Moon in Gemini. With a ruling planet of Mercury on the traditional level and Mercury being called the Messenger of the Gods, no wonder that Gemini typifies this expression, using its symbol of the twins to full effect.

If we examine the word manipulation, though, we can see that it is often misunderstood. To manipulate is to use what is available, to change and adapt the environment for a specific purpose. In terms of expression, everyone and everything has the ability to manipulate energy to suit a need, whether that need be higher in origin and either from the Soul or the Hierarchy of Masters, or from a personal and selfish point of identification. In essence manipulation is needed and all white magicians and anyone that serves the light is manipulating energy, thoughts and matter to build a new way of life for the future of Humanity. In Gemini we certainly have the ability to manipulate thoughts, ideas and words to express a higher form of expression.

If we look at the higher mantram for Gemini we see the phrase “I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow”. This encourages us to see our duality, to see that we have a higher and a lower self just as all things have a Soul and a personality. If we apply this energy to Humanity, which in reality we should always do when looking at us all as one point of identification but also as part of the one life, then we will see that at the moment we can use the energy of communication, thoughts and ideas to shape, adapt and manipulate on behalf of the higher self of the one life. This is further strengthened as we see that higher self in ourselves and others, thus allowing the lower self expression to quiet down and wane.

The Gemini full moon period is said to be the Christ’s festival in esotericism, where the Christ himself disperses energy contacted in this higher spiritual period. The fact that this year we have two full moons in the period of Gemini, perhaps suggests the real importance of the current time that we are living in. One would think that if the Christ, the Hierarchy and the Spirit of the One life wanted to maximise full expression and communication of higher thoughts and ideals and a new paradigm of living in line with the coming new age, now would be the time……….

The chart itself is an interesting one for this full moon. At 7:15am the sun would have just risen above the horizon so will be sitting in the 12th house of subconscious universal expression. It is also conjunct the ascendant, making this a very strong Gemini chart. This further strengthens the above points in relation to maximising or manipulating energy for expression. The esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus, which is also in the 12th house, though it is in Taurus. The higher symbol for Taurus is the bull with the illumined eye, so one could expect that there will be the definite chance to illumine others with the gifts of words and ideas, but finding the meaning will not necessarily be easy as it is the 12th house and that is abstract in expression.

Opposing this Gemini energy is Sagittarius, with both the Full Moon and Mars in Sagittarius and both conjunct each other. A Sagittarius full moon is a fire moon, only 1 of 3 times throughout the year where there is a fire moon at the time of the full moon. Having Mars there gives a lot of drive and fire, anyone looking up into the southern sky at the moment will see Mars shining red in all its glory. Whilst Gemini will want us to detach with its air element, Sagittarius with the backing of Mars will want us to get right in there for understanding. Sagittarius can be strongly opinionated so finding the balance could be a challenge.

Saturn is also in Sagittarius and is currently forming a T-square with Neptune and Jupiter, all in mutable signs. This does pose some harder expression. Saturn is the key here, mediating between the discerning wisdom of Jupiter in Virgo and the creative spiritual opposite of Neptune in Pisces. Saturn will remind us of the importance of structure, especially in relation to study and higher, lofty ideas and the importance of our karmic obligations. It might seem a task master but in reality it is providing a link between the past and the new, a small time where we really do have the chance to work through some karma.

Making some more challenging issues with this chart is the fact that we have Pluto, Saturn, Mars and Mercury all retrograde now and at the time of the full moon. Given so much potential for Gemini expression of higher ideas and thought, these retrograding planets slow down this energy. One could see this as challenging, and in effect it is, yet it might just make us more careful about what we say and do and make us more responsible while the potential for wrong manipulation of energy is present.

Like always the challenge is there.

Recognising our higher self and drawing forth from that higher point will allow us to fully embrace the energies available and to communicate on a much higher and more profound level.

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