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Gemini Sun Sagittarius Moon

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Friday 9th 11:10 pm AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia)

You might have noticed recently that your best laid plans have had to change. The energy of Gemini is one that will change with rapid versatility. Ruled by Mercury on the traditional level, the energy of Gemini allows for mercurial quick thinking and mutable change. This adaption can be a blessing or a hindrance, depending on what way you look at it.

Making plans is actually very good with Gemini influencing. As the opposite of Sagittarius, who likes to visualise the bigger picture, Gemini loves fact. Now is a great time to write a list and start doing it, you will be amazed at how much you can accomplish during the month of the Sun’s journey through Gemini. Just be prepared to change the order of the plans and perhaps do little bits at a time, as the effect of Mercury will make change happen and quickly. Boredom can set in quickly, so change can be good. Just remember to focus.

Underneath the energy of Gemini is a duality of influence that is very important. Like the symbol of Gemini, through either the twins or the two pillars, Gemini allows us to learn the existence of apparent duality, clearly defining it for us to understand. At either end of the two pillars though, is a connected line, linking them together, showing us that even though there is duality, this duality is still connected and one. It can be hard for a logical mind to accept paradox, but it is all around us. Gemini helps us first recognise this and then understand it.

The higher mantram of Gemini emphasises this energy perfectly….”I recognise my other self and in the waning of that self, I grow and glow”. Through duality and through understanding, we come to a realisation that we have a higher part of our nature. Instead of its just being away from us, just transcendent, we realise it is also within us, immanent. We only do this through realising that we have a Soul, a higher part of us. From there, looking through the Soul, we recognise the lower self, and in the waning or diminishing of that self, we, the Soul, grow and glow…

The Esoteric ruler of Gemini is Venus. Venus is often associated with love and attraction, perhaps not something you would normally put with Gemini. Yet Venus is ruled by the 5th Ray, which rules the mental plane. Associating beauty and mind is not normally the case, as we think of beauty as a more natural thing, yet some of man’s most beautiful creations are born out of our higher mind’s creation. Think of beautiful pieces of art and music that transport you to another realm. This is true beauty, born from a higher part of us.

If we combine the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom that rules Gemini, plus the 5th of Ray Mind that rules Venus, the Esoteric ruler of Gemini, then we have a powerful force of Love and Wisdom played through a Higher Mind that has access to the higher realm of the Soul and beyond. It is perhaps no coincidence then that the Full Moon in Gemini is known as the Christ’s festival. A perfect time for the Christ consciousness to be invoked for Humanity, as we have access to higher thought and beauty, plus the duality to invoke and evoke that which is perceived.

Add to this the effect of Mercury, the traditional ruler of Gemini, and we have access to the Messenger of the Gods. Those evolved Souls with Gemini influence, are often known for their great communication skills. They can often relate and pass on information, directed from higher forces, with ease. If the Gemini Full Moon is a time suited to be named as the Christ’s festival, then communication and higher thought, with all the above influence would make sense.

Now is a great time to be in touch with our higher minds, the abstract part of us that is perhaps not so easily evoked. If we are open to it, clear lines of intuitive thought can be heard with those with the ears to hear them. Let us perhaps use this time to communicate well ourselves, measuring our words, as the influence of them is definitely heightened…..

The chart is a complex mixture of energy at the time of the Full Moon. The energy is well spread out, in keeping with the theme of Gemini. There is quite a lot of activity going on, with many trines and squares, plus oppositions, usually heralding a myriad of things happening.

The Sun/Moon opposition that is normal for a Full Moon is heightened with the presence of Saturn there. Saturn is a long conjunct to the Moon, yet is still there. While a Sagittarius Moon would normally warrant a fiery, focussed Full Moon, where feelings can be expressed with all the Sagittarius bluntness and animal desire present, Saturn will restrict this. I think this is a good thing, as it gives more balance and will allow us to weigh our words a little better before thinking. Some might feel repressed though as Saturn puts its big hands on our emotive shoulders and says “be responsible please”….

Added to the above are a few more aspects worthy of mention. Uranus, in Aries, is still trine Saturn. At the time of the Full Moon it is in the second house of money and values, including spiritual. Saturn and the Moon are in the 10th house of career. I believe we will have the opportunity to have new change and organise new structure in relation to our values and workplace during this time, which we can really personalise with our feeling state and the Moon. This will challenge our identity though, as it is opposite the Sun. Still, it is a great opportunity to bring fresh new spiritual values into our careers and anchor them.

Neptune will be squaring the Moon during the time of its peak. Whilst the Moon wants us to feel safe and secure, Neptune will want us to release into the unknown, especially as it is Pisces. The fact that Neptune, that Christ filled planet, is right on the ascendant at the time of the Full Moon is no coincidence, but more so planned brilliantly by the Great Architect. In a Full Moon period which is known as the Christ’s festival, it makes sense to have probably the most Christ filled planet right on the Ascendant, the link to Humanity’s Soul nature.

Whilst Neptune is squaring the Moon, it is of course also squaring the Sun, creating a t-square. I read this actually quite simply: in the opposition of forces between that which we identify with (the Sun) and our emotional natures (the Moon), is Neptune, asking us to release into our higher Soul natures and the current Christ energy.

At the time of the full Moon, the ascendant is in Pisces. A time of universal spirit layers this chart, influencing it with a watery and fluidic form. Pisces will sensitize our environment, supercharging it with the essence of spirit. Being open to the abstract mind in Gemini, finding focus with the emotion in Sagittarius and releasing into the spirit of Pisces will allow us maximum use of the energies available……

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