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Global Silent Minute 777 Countdown to G7



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From 11 to 13 June, 2021 members of the G7 will gather and, where agreement prevails, act in concert to address global challenges. UK host, Boris Johnson, has said he wants the 2021G7 to “build back better” from the coronavirus pandemic and “create a greener, more prosperous future”.

This year the G7 (USA, UK, Germany, France, Canada, Japan and Italy plus the EU and, by invitation, Australia, India, South Korea and South Africa) will meet in Carbis Bay, Cornwall in the UK.

Wellesley Tudor Pole (WTP), the founder of the Silent Minute, saw Cornwall as the place to “light the Lamp that is to cast its radiance across the whole of England and beyond.’

Whilst recuperating at Carbis Bay in the 1950s, WTP had a vision (see below) over the Atlantic Ocean of Archangel Michael and His Angelic Host as ‘Preparers of the Way’ for a better world. According to Rudolf Steiner, Archangel Michael is known as the Messenger of Christ and a Sun-Spirit Who brings cosmic radiance all the way through into the physical-etheric bodies. Michael is the Being, who, as it were, “pulses through our breath, our veins, our nerves, to the end that we may actively develop all that belongs to our full humanity in connection with the Cosmos”. In His Age (1879-2400) we learn to embody the human being of the future.* This is the deep challenge and opportunity behind the G7.

In the Global Silent Minute 777 Countdown to the G7, and during the gathering itself, we invite you to unite in sacred Unity – around the world and across the veil – in our daily rhythm of 9pm GMT to hold the creative tension in the power of Silence as Action for enlightened governance for the benefit of all Life.

As the participating countries grapple in the outer world with their responses to the issues raised at Carbis Bay we take the opportunity to ‘be with them’ as conscious co-operators between the worlds facilitating the striving of the leaders to ‘see’ the best possible outcomes for global cooperation in the political and legislative arena at the birth of the New Era. What actions does Humanity need to see from this gathering of leaders in relation to the new world economy, the pandemic and climate change? What is the significance for Humanity of the shift in imagery from the cross to the chalice as the result of Archangel Michael’s transmission of the cold liquid fire? How and where do we see Archangel Michael at work with the chalice – and these ideas – that will influence international relations?

Wellesley Tudor Pole’s Vision:

“Seen Over Carbis Bay”, Cornwall at 7am on 6th August 1954

Against a background of storm clouds lit fitfully by a reflection from the rising sun, the tremendous figure of St. Michael was visible, standing on the horizon, far out in the Atlantic. His sword bearer and his standard bearer stood on either side of him, smaller in stature and at a slightly lower level. The Archangelic hosts flanked the great central figure on either side, forming a deep and descending semi-circle and backed by a radiance which did not owe its illumination to the Sun.

In the foreground but beyond the confines of the Bay, an immense Cross was apparent reaching towards the sky and implanted in the sea. A Chalice rested on its cross bar, the base of the Cross acting as a pedestal. A gold and jewelled crown could be faintly seen above the Chalice.

An aura of intense and dazzling light surrounded the head of the Archangel and his arms were held out horizontally with his hands joined together palm to palm and resting just above the apex of the Cross. It was possible to see a flow of what appeared to be clear liquid fire, passing through St. Michael and from his hands down into the Cross, filling to overflowing the cup or chalice that rested on its crossbeam. As this stream of illumination permeated the Cross itself, the opaque outlines of the Cross became transparent so that one could see the figure of the Archangel through it.

The Chalice gradually became more vital and imposing as the Cross upon which it rested disappeared from view. When this happened, the Archangelic hosts began to sing in celestial harmony and triumph, as if in celebration of a mighty victory.

Before long the thunder clouds closed in and the vision gradually faded from my eyes.”

N.B. A possible interpretation?

The Cross as a symbol of sacrifice and sorrow resulting from the “Duality” which its form suggests is likely to give place in the New Age to the Cup as a symbol of love, unity and inspiration.

The Cup or Chalice may well become the symbol of the ultimate establishment on earth of the Universal Church, a cessation of strife and the coming of world brotherhood.

St. Michael as the Standard Bearer of the Christ and Forerunner of His reappearance on human levels, could be regarded as the channel through which the wine of Divine Inspiration for the New Age could reach the minds of men and regenerate all manifestations of life upon our planet. The thunder clouds that ultimately obscured the vision might suggest that a period of crises and difficulties remains to be survived before the promise of the merging of “Duality” into “Unity” can be expected to take place in our outer world of life and being.”

Source: Fletcher, P. (2015) Light upon the Path: The Unpublished Writings of Wellesley Tudor Pole. Chalice Well Press. pp 236-237.


Participate in the 777 Countdown to the G7

Below are the dates for the Global Silent Minute 777 Countdown to the G7 where, as we participate daily in the Global Silent Minute at 9pm GMT we hold the intention for enlightened governance and real outcomes for global cooperation, peace and freedom.



London 9pm/New York 5pm

7: Friday 23 April

6: Friday 30 April

5: Friday 7 May

4: Friday 14 May

3: Friday 21 May

2: Friday 28 May

1: Friday 4 June

Sydney 7am

7: Saturday 24 April

6: Saturday 1 May

5: Saturday 8 May

4: Saturday 15 May

3: Saturday 22 May

2: Saturday 29 May

1: Saturday 5 June



7: Friday 4th June

6: Saturday 5th June

5: Sunday 6th June

4: Monday 7th June

3: Tuesday 8th June

2: Wednesday 9th June

1: Thursday 10 June

7: Saturday 5 June

6: Sunday 6 June

5: Monday 7 June

4: Tuesday 8 June

3: Wednesday 9 June

2: Thursday 10 June

1: Friday 11th June



2:00am: 7 hours

3:00am: 6 hours

4:00am: 5 hours

5:00am: 4 hours

6:00am: 3 hours

7:00am: 2 hours

8:00am: 1 hour

9:00am: opening*.

*starting time to be confirmed

2:00am: 7 hours

3:00am: 6 hours

4:00am: 5 hours

5:00am: 4 hours

6:00am: 3 hours

7:00am: 2 hours

8:00am: 1 hour

9:00am: opening*.

*starting time to be confirmed

Note: All dates are calibrated to 9pm GMT. Use the time and date converter for your local area.


*Steiner, R. (1994) The Archangel Michael: His Mission and Ours. Anthroposophic Press (pages 32-35, 63, 134-135, 198, 270).

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  1. Maria Calegari and Bart Cook

    Thank you Sydney Goodwill for this wonderful sharing for the upcoming alignment for the G7 and Silent Minute.
    Wesak Blessings to you all and gratitude!

  2. Thank you Sydney Goodwill. The Society for Enhancement of Quality of Life (SEQL) in Canada stands as one with you in service in this important alignment and always.

    With Love, Gratitude and Wesak blessings as we move onward, upward and through.

  3. Heartfelt Gratitude Sydney Goodwill and all who are participating in 777 as we approach the G7 gathering 11-13 June at Carbis Bay, Cornwall UK where our government leaders will enter a field of cooperation on behalf of the common good!

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