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TRIANGLES FOR WORLD PEACE Webinar 18th April 2021


Global Silent Minute participated in Triangles for World Peace webinar on 18 April 2021 along with Triangles, Lucis Trust (USA) and Byakko Shinko Kai (Japan). The event was blessed by the participation of the Awana Colectiva, the weavers tending to the sacred fire in the Amazon.

The triangle of groups are united in their focus on World Service and the recognition of the Oneness underlying their group endeavours that are all expressed through different lenses (i) the power of Thought working with geometry of Triangles

(ii) the power of Prayer for world peace and the elevation of consciousness through spiritual principles, starting with the universal message “May Peace Prevail on Earth” and

(iii) the power of Silence with the daily rhythm of the Global Silent Minute.

The Tibetan teacher, Dhwal Khul, has said that the Japanese people have a particular propensity for the triangles work due to their innate understanding of the power of thought. Hence, by joining with two others and working within the planetary network of triangles, the Japanese have a capacity to not only facilitate the necessary re-configuration of the etheric structure of the planet from one of squares (the symbol of the personality) to triangles (symbol of the soul) but also create the subjective atmosphere which permits the recognition of the devic life substanding the city of Tokyo.

The Byakko Shinko Kai presentation about the work of Japanese philosopher and spiritual leader Masahisa Goi; the outlining of the work at the Mount Fuji Sanctuary; and the demonstration and participation in the mudras that declare, invoke and bless the interconnectedness of all Life was comprehensive, illuminating and beautifully mesmerising.

Just as Mount Fuji is central to the work in Japan, Mount Kailash is at the heart of the Global Silent Minute. Legend has it the divine Mount Meru, the spiritual mountain at the heart of the Universe, externalises in the form of Mount Kailash on Earth. Known as the Mountain of the Bell, Mount Kailash is also the conduit to connect the Cosmic Bell with the bell that resides in each and every one of us linking – as Mount Meru/Mount Kailash do – the eternal and the temporal. As we participate daily in the Global Silent Minute at 9pm GMT we recalibrate, refresh and re-set our identification within the One Life.

The beautiful synthesis that emerged from the “Triangles for World Peace” webinar was captured in one of the graphics which had Mount Kailash as its background with an overlay of the Great Invocation in Japanese.

For more information:

Great Invocation – Japanese

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