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Celestial Axis in the Chalice - Image from Pixabay
Graphic Design: Wendy J. Thompson
Text: inspired by the Agni Yoga teachings

Global Silent Minute’s Cosmic Compass: Humanity recalibrates its compass to the Cosmic Magnet

The ancients had the wisdom to acknowledge the intimate role of Cosmos as the guiding compass for their daily lives. And yet, over the centuries in the Manifest or Outer World, Humanity has drifted from this intimacy so that the bird of the spirit of Humanity attempts to fly with only one wing.

Of the two wings one is the visible, matter, the masculine; the other is the invisible, spirit, the feminine. In the reality of the Fiery and Subtle Worlds, these wings belong to the one bird and hence are indivisible. Yet, in the Manifest World, modern Humanity has strayed from the truth of this indivisibility in our over-emphasis on one wing. It is said in the Agni Yoga teachings:

Humanity’s conception of the world is quite far from the truth. Only when the conception will correspond to Cosmic Truth can a proper striving be expected. When the consciousness is limited by the visible world alone there is no link with Cosmos. Infinity II, 387.

Regardless of Humanity’s subscription to the illusion of separation, the energies of cosmic magnetism persist in pulsing out the Cosmic Truth of the all-embracing Life with its eternal invitation to recognise and accept the reality of the three worlds – the Fiery, the Subtle and the Manifest – and to live simultaneously within them. This invitation impulses from the Cosmic Magnet as a call to the fiery magnet of our Heart which ignites the art of thinking that is completely and consciously regenerated by our realisation of the need to live in the three worlds.

“There is solace in the understanding of the three worlds. Nothing else can appraise the wealth of Truth”. Aum, 233.

The opportunity of the moment for Humanity is to recalibrate its moral (or “living ethics”) compass so that it is inclusive of our greater identity within the Cosmos – with all its worlds. The true north of our recalibrated compass is the Cosmic Magnet.

The Cosmic Magnet – Graphic Design/Text: Wendy J Thompson
Image: by WikiImages from Pixabay_Orion-Nebula


The Cosmic Magnet resides at the Heart of Cosmos as the source of Cosmic Beauty and Cosmic Truth. Truth is not an abstraction; it is the realisation of cosmic laws based on direct experience. Truth is not a pile of words or speeches but a rhythmic sound that carries decisive significance. Truth has a rhythm. The rhythm of truth is an invincible stronghold that sounds from the citadel of the heart in resonance with the Heart of the Cosmic Magnet. Lightning bolts of this sound pierce consciousness instantly. They anchor as seeds that emerge in the Manifest World as purifying and clarifying sounds sub-standing word formulations.

And then there is untruth…

“Nothing is as destructive as a consciously injurious distortion of reality. It disturbs the rhythm of Cosmos”. Hierarchy, 332.

Now is the time for Humanity to recalibrate our compass to the true north of the Cosmic Magnet; to resonate and vibrate in rhythm with Cosmic Truth as it sounds and rings through the Cosmic Bell, the planetary Bell and the bell within each and every one of us.

In the daily practice of the Global Silent Minute at 9pm GMT, we unite hearts around the globe and across the veil to participate in a universal rhythm that reverberates from Cosmos through Humanity for the benefit of all.

Let us ring in resonance with the Cosmic Magnet so that the spirit of the bird of Humanity soars on the wings of Cosmic Truth. And, as Beauty is Truth, the spirit of the bird of Humanity soars on the wings of Cosmic Beauty.


This article draws inspiration from the Agni Yoga Teachings – and in particular slocas Agni Yoga 156; Aum 233; Fiery World 1, 541; Fiery World III, 205; Hierarchy 332 & Infinity II, 387.

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