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Gratitude for Water

Above is a 2½ minute video illustrating the memory of water.

Gratitude for Water

– a short article from Viv Smith of Sydney Goodwill

I have always thanked the water as I turned off the shower. The water goes into the sea eventually and I like to think that the gratitude goes with it.  We have so much to be grateful to water for.

The human body is made of approximately 60% water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water and the lungs about 83%. We can survive without food for a long time but only a short time without water. All the water on Earth is around 4 million years old and it is really ALL the water we have. It is the most abundant substance on Earth.

Water has many forms. It can be hard as ice or evaporate as a mist, wear away mountains or form vast oceans. We can take water as an example of the spirit in us all. Put a drop of water into a bowl of water and it merges, no longer a separate entity but part of the whole.

It is a universal solvent, when we love, as water does, we dissolve
barriers. Think of ourselves as dissolving separation as we love one
another through/along Life’s Path.

We are also guardians of water. Water should be regarded as a sacred trust.  Many do not have access to water or have to travel long distances to get it. We who have only to turn a tap are in the minority of people. Gratitude for this alone is reason to use only what is necessary and also to be aware not to pollute our rivers and oceans with chemicals and plastic particles that do not break down for centuries.

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About Viv S.

London born, Viv has been with Sydney Goodwill Unit of Service since 1988. The Tibetan's books have been the inspiration for her to follow the path of service and promotion of peace near and far.

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