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Leo Solar Festival 2018

Actual Full Moon: Saturday 28th  July 6:20 am AEST

Whenever we approach the Full Moon in the Leo Sun period, there is a definite heightening of awareness. Leo is a fire sign, the sign of the zodiac most linked with grandeur and shining its light. This has a lot to do with the ruling planet of this sign, yet in this case, it is not a planet but our star, the Sun. Leo is the only sign of the zodiac that has the Sun ruling it, and on all 3 levels, though at the higher levels it is veiling other influences…..

Having the Sun as its ruling influence, to absorb and distribute the energies sent from the groups of stars that make up the constellation of Leo itself, means it has access to some major power and light, as the Sun is, of course, our everything in terms of light, growth and warmth here on Earth. Without it, we would not be alive, and yet if we were closer to the Sun or further away, the delicate balance between the power, radiation and heat of the Sun would be offset for us and things would be very different.

This should paint a picture in regard to the power and influence of Leo the lion. Not only does it have the Sun as its influence, but the symbol of this sign is, of course, the lion, the king of the jungle. This gives Leo more sway, especially in regard to its influence on the Earth. Not many can match its power and strength, especially when it sets its will towards achieving its goal or when any of its pack or surrounds are threatened.

However, put the lion in deep water and it is completely out of its depth. It is no longer the king of its environment, but a subject of other forces. The same can be said if it were put in the air. It cannot fly, so would fall to earth. It does not have wings to fly, so air is not its domain. Yet the power of Leo the Lion comes from fire and for this, it manages through influence and inspiration, like all the fire signs.

Fire signs create the spark of energy needed to begin or to power an idea or thought, they literally inspire and enthuse the spiritual into matter and form. Leo does this through its major attributes, leadership, authority and power. Yet, of course, there are many different levels of doing this, from the forceful and lower to the lofty and inspirational. True Leo energy is a sight to behold, as it lifts you up and shines a light that can transport you into other dimensions, instantly…..

I can only imagine what true Leo energy would look like to our elder brothers, our spiritual Masters. The sheer dazzling light and colour that it would produce must be a sight to behold. We, of course, see it stepped down, to the level of expression that we can handle, for if any of the signs were revealed to us in its true form, it would probably be too much for us to bear. And yet, Leo inspires us all the same, to take a chance, to go after what we know in our hearts, to take leadership of our own being.

Leo energy wants us to take command of our own dominion, to rule over ourselves and inspire others, to light our light for the world to see and allow others to come and light their lamps and lights from our light. This is Leo energy at its best, as much as we know and can use. This is especially relevant for us as we head into the new age of Aquarius, the new dawn or era upon us. Leo is the opposite sign to Aquarius, and yet they are partners in an axis of energy that involves groups and the powers of groups, and also the individualised self, found in Leo.

Finding our true self, having our Soul taking leadership and using its own power to rule over its life, whilst inspiring others and using that in our everyday group expressions with others is the promise and potential of Leo for us all……….

One of the big things about the chart at the time of the Full Moon is that there are 5 planets in retrograde. One of them and perhaps the most obviously influential is Mercury. By now I think we all know what can happen during a Mercury retrograde, as I hurriedly finish this article before my computer decides that it does not want to save or upload…..

So many planets in retrograde will perhaps put a bit of a retreating spin on the influence of Leo, maybe just stopping some of its expansion from fully bursting forth. This is maybe a positive thing, as I suspect with current energies forever heightening, this could be a slightly protective measure from ‘the Great Architect’ against exceeding our limits.

There is a challenging T-square involving the Sun, Mars/Moon and Uranus, all wilful influences. They are all in fixed signs, meaning there will be some challenge involving stability and established patterns of both the personality (Sun) and the emotions (Moon). The fact that it will be in and around the time of the Full Moon will mean a definitely heightened sensitivity, which could mean some real challenge, or breakthrough, however you see things.

At the time of the Full Moon, the Sun is in the 1st house of self-expression, traditionally influenced by Aries. Imagine a Leo Sun and give it an Aries coating over the top and this is what we will experience. This will mean double fire, power and expression in abundance.

Yet overlaying this chart and again helping some stepping down of energies, is a Cancer ascendant. This will give a water and emotive feel to the fiery expressive energies. Our spiritual home will be important, look to connect with your more subtle energies during this time.

Some great influences coming up, suggesting some powerful chances to look within to express without. You will have access to some strong and influential light which can assist you in your own expression, especially on a Soul level. In saying that, we will have some restrictive boundaries, strategically placed to stop us from perhaps wasting these energies or unduly influencing others, if they are not in sync with grander plans. A time to be active and shine your light…..



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