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Leo Sun Aquarius Full Moon 2019

Actual full moon: Thursday 15th August 2019 at 10.29pm AEDT

I am That and That am I is the higher mantra for the sign of Leo, the sign that our Sun is currently positioned in, from the view of the Earth. Leo is ruled by the Sun, so it very much feels at home there. Or another way to look at it, of all the energies abounding at the moment, the Sun’s would be one that is in the most synthesis, due to a perfect line up.

Leo is a powerful sign. Any constellation that has a lion as its symbol, would ensure that we stand up and take notice; as the Lion is considered the king of the jungle and is known for its courage and fearlessness. Whoever decided to rerelease the Lion King movie near or around the time of Leo was a genius, or was it planned that way? Perhaps they consulted an astrologer. If not, there was an alignment to a higher energy.

This amazing sign teaches us to identify with the higher aspect within us. The mantra says it all really. The first part – I am That – means you, the I, are identifying with the higher Self or the Soul. There is often an incarnation in Leo where there needs to be a real push of personal identification, needing a fuller self-expression in the outer world. By identifying with the higher aspect of yourself, you then look to express that out in the world horizontally. This is the “I am That”.

The second part of the mantra is perhaps the hardest and can only truly be understood as one evolves on the Path. That am I, is a reversal of the above. It is a recognition that not only do I, as a personality alive in this incarnation, recognise my higher Self, but that higher Self, the highest part of me, is not separate at all. It is the true part of me, having an earthly experience, not me or us having a spiritual experience. It is a true recognition of the divine aspect that is within all of us – the One Life.

Recognising the highest part within us, allows us to shine forth, like the Sun. From there, others can come to light their flames and hearts from that light. This is what the power of Leo can give us, an eternal flame of power and light to lighten even the darkest areas of existence. Sometimes that needs courage, boldness and to be brave, hence the lion as the symbol, ready to charge forward when the need arises.

Astrology is always about flows and cycles, particular energies that come together; some harmoniously and with an almost magnetic cooperation. At other times, different energies don’t resonate so well, as they have a different expression. An example would be Jupiter, the expansive, meeting or blending with Saturn, the restrictive. One likes to expand your senses, your mind with learning and wisdom, the other asks you to discipline your mind and be responsible for your actions, marking a cautious approach. Both have their purposes yet put them together and you have a need for balance. This is astrology really. Finding a way to balance the current energies in both our outer and inner lives.

Balancing the dominant fixed fire energies of Leo with the cooler and detached mental energies of Aquarius is the goal leading up to the Full Moon. One is more self-centred whilst the other is more group focussed. Leo would prefer to be in the spotlight while Aquarius recognises that we all share the spotlight. Both are needed to understand that we are a living representation of the Divine Life (Leo) and are also part of the Whole (Aquarius).


At the time of the Full Moon, there is a stellium (group) of personal planets (The Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Vulcan) in Leo. It is quite rare for them to all be in the same sign at the same time. As they are in Leo, it will make it a time in the coming week for a real personal feel to things. There will be a lot of consideration of where we are, what we are doing, what are we thinking, what are we identifying with, where are we heading. Personal reflection will be very strong.

At the same time, the Moon is opposite, leading up to its fullness in Aquarius. Emotionally we might be more aloof, almost like knowing you need to do things or change things in your personal life, yet somehow being indifferent to it, or just not being able to access how to change it.

Jupiter is still squared Neptune and getting closer. If anyone has planets in the mutable signs in degrees 13-19 then you will feel this quite strongly. This particular aspect sets up an interesting dynamic. They are both in their natural signs, so the energy is potent. Jupiter feels completely justified in Sagittarius, leading to an almost righteousness of belief and ideals. Square that with Neptune in Pisces and you have spirit looking for release, yet not quite knowingly identifying with anything at all. It is looking for a higher purpose,  it is just not yet seen or grasped. Jupiter the expansive melding with Neptune the releaser.

We also have Saturn and Pluto getting ever closer, leading up to next January. More on that in another post 🙂

As usual, these are interesting times. Make the most of the time for personal reflection and expression. Take time to push forth yourself; by aligning with the Higher part of Yourself you will be aligning with the current energies.

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