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Leo Sun Aquarius Moon 2020

Actual Full Moon: Tuesday 4th Aug 1:58am AEST (Time in Sydney, Australia)

As we proceed through this most difficult and turbulent of years that many can remember, we enter a new phase for the next month. The energies of the lion of Leo will come into light, changing the dynamic from the watery and home-based (both locally and national) Cancerian influence, to the more brave, expressive and courageous output from the king of the jungle. You should have already felt this.

We will move from a place where we feel more introverted – where security and base foundations are truly forefront in our mind – to a space where a more extrovert expression and the ability to shine our light will dominate. Of course, this is not for everyone and is very dependent on one’s own personal astrological imprint, but you should at least recognise the shift in others that you observe, let alone yourself if you look within.

Why is this important? Well, we are living in unique times. It is very easy to be bogged down with what is happening in the world, with the constant barrages of the same catch cries of slogans we hear daily – one after another. The visuals we see, the constant reciting of figures of virus cases etc. – if you constantly eat and breathe this you can completely lower your own body’s defences through mental and emotional (astral) worry, and exhaustion which only adds to the problems.

This is why I see the importance of the change to Leo. The fire of Leo will indeed open a space for people to be more extrovert and expressive, allowing more movement and drive to create, taking them away from the constant fear and uncertainty found on the astral plane. It will also influence people to turn inwards – not in a selfish way – though of course, that can be a by-product of Leonine energy, just in a way that allows people to look inside to their individual selves and look to express that outward.

The higher Mantra for Leo is – “I am That and That am I”. This has many meanings but one of the simplest is to see yourself in all things, including a Higher power. I am that higher power that I recognise and can sense, and that same higher power lives within me as all is One – there is no true separation. This recognition, honours the part of us that exists in all, allowing a greater understanding of our own purpose in this life.

Purpose is indeed important for Leo. They need somewhere to put that incredible fixed determination that they have, which is now available in spades for all of us take advantage of as the Sun moves through the sign.

Leo is ruled by Rays 1 and 5. Ray 1 is Will and Power, 2 attributes that a Leo can express with ease. Expect shows of this over the next few weeks, as people are influenced by this energy and it shows itself in expressions of defiance, of domination, and more importantly for us esotericists – of the ability to apply will over the parts of our life where we need it to continue to do our work, – amongst great upheaval in the outer world.

The Ray 5 influence with Leo brings in the aspect of mind in our lives. It is a great time to meditate, to use the power of the mind to influence and inspire your emotions and physical body. A structured meditation would work well, though a creative and inspiring meditative process would work just as well for some others. I think it is important to use the power of the mind and will to direct your life in areas that enrich Soul influence and help shine light for others. Those are some of the best things we can do right now.

What is happening with the stars you might ask? You only have to look within or outside to see their effects.

The Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter second conjunction (second wave) gets closer and closer. They are all still retrograde, adding a nasty and complicated attitude of despair at times. It will continue for a bit more, so try to keep your spirits up. We are seeing some of the worst attributes of the energies of the planets and the sign of Capricorn – death and hidden agendas (Pluto), restriction and authoritarianism (Saturn), excess and expansion (Jupiter) – all in the realms of finance and the greater world (Capricorn).

Add into the mix the current Mars square and we have a true showdown. Mars is squaring the above conjunction for the next few months while it moves forward, then retrogrades past them, then goes past again. Mars is in its traditional home of Aries, so expect more and more conflict coming in the next few months. You will literally see defiance in all forms – both positive and negative – as the warrior mentality comes forth and looks to clash with authoritarian structures.

In the great wheel of the zodiac and the larger astrological field of energies, transits like these surely have larger implications and reasons. Imagine imposing a particular set of rules on an organisation or group of people – a strict regime for example – without any way to break the rules imposed or ease the suffocation which might come about. There would be complete inhibition of growth. This, of course, has happened throughout our history, yet every regime has always been broken, smashed, often replaced by something else but always changed. Spirit can never be truly suppressed – as has been shown over and over again.

Mars in Aries squaring the big 3 in Capricorn just shows again that there is always a way out, as there will always be something to challenge the current narrative. Remember, energy is energy, it is humans who have decided how we have chosen to respond to the pandemic. While the 2 conjunctions have thrown it out there to create particular happenings, our experience has been and will continue to be defined from the choices we make around this. The Mars square just adds the element of a change if we need it – and surely we do – to help us in learning and growth.

There will be selfish displays of conflict and defiance – everyone is at a different level of consciousness as are those in power who exert control – plus Mars in Aries can put the focus on the individual self. The reality is that balance is always needed. The greater Plan is to be revealed, perhaps a taste of it with the coming Great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on 21 December.

Until then, stay safe everyone. Enjoy the Leo energy. Take a risk and be courageous when needed, shine your light and inspire others when that permits. This month is a great time to reconnect with your inner being, remembering – ‘I am That and That am I’.

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