Tuesday , 4 June 2024
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Filaments by Lesley Stubbs
From the Artwork: "Filaments" by Lesley Stubbs

Lighted Tapestry

Lighted Tapestry

Poem by Lesley Stubbs


Engulfed by echo-ey hollowness
Sunlight dims,
And an underground sensibility grows.

This is a mine-like world
With rubbery forms and shadows long.

Spaces oddly empty of Life
Are full of reverberating sound

From the half-made spectral people
Mining the Astral strata.

Thoughts of isolation and loneliness
Bring me here.

It would cool the Life out of me
But for the sudden appearance of that spark,

That glowing, golden thread
Of illuminated connection.

Once recognised,
Other brilliant threads join in,

Lifting me out by the Heart
Weaving me in
To a lighted tapestry of innumerable threads.

How quickly it grows!
Branching filaments spreading in every direction

Till the air is dense with it,
That network of Light and Love and Power.