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Neptunes Horses by Walter Crane - circa 1892 - Wikimedia commons

Pisces Sun – Virgo Full Moon – 2018

ACTUAL FULL MOON: Friday 2nd March 11:51 am AEDT (Time in Sydney, Australia.)

This is the last full moon period before the ensuing high point of the spiritual festivals of the year, the full moons from Aries to Gemini. It is not by coincidence that the energy that leads us into that spiritual peak is Pisces. Pisces is the depth of the ocean, the cosmic stars and all of space. In this signs is all the depth of creation, infinity and beyond.

Pisces is represented by 2 fish, both swimming in different directions yet both linked forever in infinity. Like us all, we are both the immanent and the transcendent, the male and the female, the all giving life and the subsequent death, before we are life in another manifestation. Pisces contains all this, the beginnings and the endings, the start and the finish, the completion of everything.

To begin a new cycle, we must have one end. To begin something new, we must let go of something and something must die off, to usher in new life and energy. The letting go as we all know, is usually the hardest part as we are generally creatures of habit. However Pisces eases us into this wonderfully, as it is a mutable water sign, one where attachment to anything earthly is not sought, instead operating at a level of existence which neither seeks nor wants to stay stuck with earthly attachment. Movement and exploration of the greater life and cosmos would be a great description for Pisces.

You can imagine this by looking out at the stars at night. At those moments, immersed in the utter brilliance of a section of our galaxy, we become lost in the depths of the sheer size, wisdom and amazement that is before us. We are literally transformed into the cosmos, marvelled by its sheer and infinite size, yet part of it all the same. It is easy to be lost in this, forgetting we are living in a physical body on the Earth, connecting instead to the greater life that exists outside of ourselves and continues to exist, regardless of what is happening to us.

In Pisces is the ability to transform, to go past our limitations and release into something higher and grander then we can actually perceive. To release requires great faith and trust, opening up to that which is beyond us, accepting that we live as a personality and that the higher part of ourselves can lead us on, but also that there is something higher than that as well. The great wheel of life, layers upon layers of wisdom and love, is opening all of the time to greater and broader light as we experience our life here on earth together.

This is the type of energy that is available to us at this time, peaking at the time of the full moon. Remember this is a Master year 11, one where we have the opportunity to do many things, one being to transcend our lower desire on a personal and human level and go beyond it into those greater realms. And the constellation of Pisces will help guide us there.

Pisces is ruled by the great planet Neptune on the traditional level, a planet highly linked in symbolism with the Christ and the Christ energy. Neptune is a 6th Ray planet and as such, has helped influence us to be devotional in our pursuit of higher meaning,  of the depths of God and understanding of life. Neptune is the king of the ocean, and the ocean relates to Pisces, the fish, and its sign of water. We can use Neptune energy to be the king of our emotions, controlling the water element in our life.

The Esoteric or Soul ruler of Pisces is Pluto, bringing in the 1st ray of Will and Power. To finish a completed cycle we need the power to destroy the completed form, otherwise we would be attached to it. Pisces does not seek to attach, it knows limitlessness and infinity, so the 1st ray gives it the ability, through Pluto, to finish a cycle and usher in the new one in Aries. And on and on the cycle goes, until we recognise a greater cycle. And so it is…………


The chart at the time of the Full moon (AEDT – 11:51 am 2 March) shows a very strong stellium of planets, plus Chiron, all in Pisces in the 10th house. This all bodes for strong Pisces expression. Being in the 10th house means it will be in public expression, something we will all see and witness, not hidden in the shadows.

We could perhaps look at a few things happening and see how this is operating. The marches and coming together of students in America after the latest school shooting would be one example. There is a true sense of enough is enough, of the utter completion of the cycle of fear and the arising common sense of wanting less guns in America. One could sense the power and might of the 1st ray of Pluto here, overriding the compassionate, understanding and sacrificial lower Neptune energy to say “enough…..long past time for a change”….and giving the strength, will and power to do it.

The stars are in a rather rare moment where there is not a lot of complexity in their relation to each other. There is not a lot of squares or oppositions, so it is a brief time for us to have a breather and enjoy some capacity to get things done, without a lot of extra strain. Astrology really is all about seizing the moments, the moments where things are challenging and we learn a lot, when things are less challenging and we have some time to reflect, and also moments of importance where we really need to capitalise. This 11 year is one of those moments, and with a clearer schedule in the stars, we might enjoy an interlude free from pressure before the compress of the Aries full moon period.

One small challenge we have is a square of the Pisces energy to Mars in Sagittarius. The wanting to get on with goals and work might need to be tempered, with a more reflective approach and a releasing from attachment to the end outcome of the goals. So expect to be quite driven in the next few weeks, if you have not already, but expect to change plans leading up to the full moon.

Virgo is the sign that the moon will be in during its fullness, allowing us to really connect with our emotions. It will be a good time to take stock and purify our emotional state, bringing our emotions down to earth and sorting through them, to release them to our higher self. It will allow us to have our head in the clouds (Pisces) whilst still maintaining our feet on the earth.

The ascendant at the time of the full moon is Taurus, further bringing in an earth sign to keep us from completely floating out into the ether. Taurus is traditionally ruled by Venus, so expect some great acts of beauty to surround us. On the esoteric level, Vulcan the blacksmith rules this sign. Vulcan helps us fashion spiritual tools to help us mould and shape our existence. This is a positive thing when we have access to so much spiritual energy through the pervasive Pisces energy.

The higher mantram for Pisces is “I LEAVE THE FATHER’S HOME AND TURNING BACK, I SAVE”, showing that even if we ascend to great spiritual heights, we still need to return to earth for service to help and serve others.

About Stephen Bayliss

Stephen is an Esotoric Astrologer and has a keen interest in the Esoteric line through the Alice Bailey books. Stephen offers astrological readings - - contact him via his Facebook page.


  1. This is a request for Stephen:
    Hi Stephen:
    I really enjoyed your article and am writing for permission to use it with full credit to you in my full moon meditation.

    • Hi Margo,

      I’m really glad you liked the article and resonated with what was written. Pisces is such a fascinating sign, trying to explore the energy with words is a challenge, but well worth it.

      You definitely have my permission to use the article in any way for the full moon meditation 🙂

      Warmest regards,

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