Wednesday , 17 April 2024
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Like a Bird on the Wing – a brief meditation on Joy

This brief (1min48sec) but uplifting video is based upon an extract from Discipleship in the New Age, Volume 1, p.435. It is quite exquisite, and provides something for all of us to ponder – can we put this into practice, and in so doing, help to bring about positive change in the world?

This Meditation is from Discipleship in the New Age, Volume 1, p.435
Various images are from and video clips are from
Music: ‘Valley of Voices’ by Alan Frijns from Pixabay

Jana, who created this video as part of a short series on Joy inspired by Ponder on This, welcomes feedback in the comments area below this post.

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Hi, my name is Jana. I am one of the content editors and the website developer of the Sydney Goodwill website. I am a student of the AAB material.

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