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Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, October 28th 2023

(39 minutes) Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, October 28th 2023 – Pam Gregory

This month, the full moon is a Lunar Eclipse, and Pam says that eclipses act like doorways to new dimensions, often bringing powerful surprises, shocks, or opportunities for permanent change. With Mars currently moving from Libra to Scorpio, expect to see a laser-like focus on revealing hidden secrets. The Lunar Eclipse is apparently a good time for ending that which is no longer appropriate, and enabling a release of energy that can be utilised in new directions.

Pam also refers to a scientist by the name of Nassim Haramein, who is coming up with scientific proof of the interconnectedness of everything – here is a link to a TED talk by Nassim, for those who wish look into his work further: https://youtu.be/xJsl_klqVh0?si=TOoeufZ2gw5sXBsI .

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One comment

  1. Thankyou Pam again, for the clarity into our
    higher perceptions and motivations.I have been sending love to all dimensions ,people ,nature and animals for some time now,but didn’t fully realise
    what was driving this intensity.Thankyou,I do now.
    Wow!Its really requiring strengths that have become manifest through hardened,molten unrequited desires.
    I must have been on Ascension duty😊🙏
    🦋God Bless us all x

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