Tuesday , 21 May 2024
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meditation mount fire
Photo: © Art Durand

Meditation Mount affected by the California wildfires

We hold the vision in our hearts that Meditation Mount, like the Phoenix, will rise from the ashes to become an even brighter Beacon of Light, Love and Fiery Hope in a darkening world.

Many of us hold dear the site where so many of our revered elders and teachers found a quiet retreat. Meditation Mount in Ojai, California, was partly spared but severely damaged in the recent Californian wildfires.  We invite our readers to hold the Mount in supportive thought and, if you feel drawn, to donate to the restoration fund.

For information about the fires see: https://meditationmount.org/fire/
A donation facility is accessed from the above page.

To read the inspiring heart response of the board and staff of the Mount see:https://meditationmount.org/fires-of-renewal/

The main website is at:

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