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New Earth hour – Visualization Exercise

The following Visualization is for

the New Earth Hour meditation

Updated 11 January 2022

Clear the concrete mind of all worldly concerns through an act of will, while breathing deeply and slowly, engendering inside of us a sea of calm.

Enter the cave of your own heart. From there, move into the cave of the group heart, savouring the presence of all who are holding this focus.

Expand our heart awareness outwards throughout the world and notice what resonates with it – heart to heart …wherever there may be creative impulses to a new and better world with mindfulness, care and nurturing of the great Life in which we are a part.


Now within the group heart, as a group, we move our subtle being ahead in time, across the unfolding years, – observing things speeding up as change becomes more rapid… finally coming to rest in 50 years’ time in 2072… We are now in 2072.

Expand awareness outwards through the world in this time, 2072, and take note of all impressions – in the manifest world… perhaps also in the subtle spiritual world… and perhaps even in the fiery world of divine Being.


From the perspective of 2072 we look back in time to 2022, we see the course of change… and identify and make a note of those magnetic seeds of the future back there in 2022 that have led us to where we are now (in 2072).


We now transfer our group awareness back into our current time in 2022, bringing with us an awareness of the sparks of the future with which we can now work to envision it into being.

We radiate the energy of this knowing as we sound together three OM’s.


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