Wednesday , 17 April 2024
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New Technologies in the Aquarian Age: An invitation


Towards 2025: Overcoming maya and pondering on new technologies in the Aquarian Age.”

An invitation to the Fourth Asian Esoteric Community Gathering

Sunday April 7, 2024 11am (GMT)
6pm (Vietnam),
7pm (Philippines and Malaysia),
8pm (Japan and Korea),
9pm (Australia)

1. Greetings and Introduction by JooHee Lee
2. Aries New Moon Meditation by Christopher See
3. Cosmic Ray-AMATERASU* by Reiko Nakanishi
4. New Technologies in the Aquarian Age: Overcoming maya, illusion and glamour; and tempering AI with spiritual consciousness by Mikha’el Crow.

*AMATERASU: The Amaterasu particle, named after the sun goddess in Japanese mythology, was an ultra-high-energy cosmic ray detected in 2021 and later identified in 2023 using the Telescope Array Project observatory in Utah, United States. Reiko will explain this goddess, AMATERASU, her divinity, and how the Japanese admire her.

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