Wednesday , 17 April 2024
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O World Project Interview – Science to Sage eMagazine – Karen Elkins

This 37-minute video is an interview with entrepreneur Karen Elkins, author of “Science to Sage” eMagazine and creator of the O World Project.

Right now, when everything is starting to shift,  we really do need to be ultimately creative, ultimately expressive, and ultimately out there redesigning our future.Karen Elkins

“The mission of the O World Project is to provide an avenue for leaders and visionaries from many disciplines to share their perspectives on the world today, the current state of humanity, life, love, death and the nature of reality and possibility. To this end we are interviewing a diverse group of visionaries from many disciplines, including leaders from the Arts, Spiritual, Scientific and Social/Political fields of human endeavour. Ultimately, the project hopes to inspire more inquiry into awareness of ourselves… as individuals and as a species … and ideally help to encourage a new syntax and a more conscious evolutionary path. It’s an ambitious project, reflecting the dramatic times in which we presently live.

The aim of this project is to present something unique, inclusive, and inspiring in its scale … something which will energize and inspire people to re-evaluate and re-enforce their resolve to evolve consciously and conscientiously.”

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