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Peace through Unity

and the power of concordant thoughts on

The Global Silent Minute continues live daily during the 99 Day journey of Peace through Unity (18 June to 24 September 2022) towards a thriving world for all of life. It seems like a moment ago that the journey began and, in another instant, the 24 September will be upon us.

Each Monday (Tuesday in Australia) leading up to Peace Week 17- 24 September, Global Silent Minute hosts a conversation and silent minute dedicated to the seven themes of Peace Week, the core needs which reveal a practical pathway to peace, living in right relationship with self, others, and all life. (www.peaceweek.org).

During Peace Week 2022 the Global Silent Minute will participate daily in the Global Coherence Pulse in:-

Sydney at 7 am AEST
New York 5 pm EDT
London 9 pm GMT/UTC
Geneva 11 pm CEST
Darjeeling 2:30 am IST
Tokyo 6 am JST

The overarching theme for Global Silent Minute throughout 2022 has been and is Regeneration Through Silence (https://sydneygoodwill.org.au/2022-the-year-of-regeneration-through-silence/).  As our hearts beat a little faster, or slower, to establish a new rhythm – a new regenerative rhythm – that we’re finding in the Silence, the reality of the One Heart is dawning over the planet as we come to recognise our individual hearts are “transnational organs”. Heart, sloka 7  They extend beyond the confines of our earthly sheaths crossing borders and distance. In the Agni Yoga Teachings it is said our individual hearts do not belong to us but rather to the entire world. Indeed, as we recognise that our individual hearts are part of the fabric of the Manifest World, we attune to how the heart’s beat and rhythm increasingly synchronizes with the Heartbeat of the Mother of the World Who commands in Silence.

The power of this Silence with its cooperation across the veils can be and is being harnessed by Humanity for the benefit of all of Life in the Manifest World.

The exponential nature of this power is acknowledged in Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, sloka 155.

“When you are perplexed, sit together in silence and think one thought. Soon you will understand how practical such silent counsel is. We speed the power of the spirit along one channel, and this results in an unusual discharge, which is intensified by magnetism and harmonized by rhythm. The law is that two harmonious thoughts increase the power sevenfold. This is not magic but a practical consideration.”

As we consciously cooperate across the veil and around the globe in the 99 Day journey which culminates on 24 September, let us continue to hold and stoke the fire of our focus on this single thought of Peace Through Unity as we experience the power of spirit along the one channel and are prepared for an unusual discharge of energy – intensified by magnetism and harmonised by rhythm.

We may choose to hold this thought during the minute of silence daily or at any moment throughout the day or we may simply place this thought of Peace Through Unity upon the altar of the heart. Heart, sloka 396.



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