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reflections on truth

Reflections on Truth



Throughout 2023 Global Silent Minute is holding a focus on re-orienting to the compass of Truth through Silence.

Below are a few seed thoughts on truth interspersed with leaves from Morya’s garden to ponder:

“There is no religion higher than Truth.”
Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

“Each Teacher of life bases their power only upon images of Truth, and creates the future by their thought”.Inspired by Agni Yoga, 122

“The one salvation is to turn the spirit toward the light of Truth.”Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 2 

“In times of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”George Orwell

“Is it possible to prefer the superficial over the spirituality of Truth?”Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 13 

“S/He who has truth at her/his heart need never fear the want of persuasion on her/his tongue.”Gender-adapted, John Ruskin

“I shall ravish your ears with the song of Truth.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 41 

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”Elvis Presley

“The heart is aware of the phantoms of the mind, but it knows the truth.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 128 

“Truth was a mirror in the hands of God. It fell, and broke into pieces. Everybody took a piece of it, and they looked at it and thought they had the truth.” Rumi

“Only the gem that radiates all hues of Truth can reflect the full Splendour of the Future. Yet we must also appreciate the pure stone of one colour. Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 174 

“Truth is a rhythmic sound.” Adapted, Agni Yoga, 156

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“… the lightning of truth can strike down, but can also resurrect.” Adapted, Agni Yoga, 156

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality.  That is why right, temporarily defeated, is stronger than evil triumphant.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

“… the steel of the word flashes in the furnace of Truth.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 181 

“Truth is the property of no individual but is the treasure of all humanity.” Gender adapted, Ralph Waldo Emerson

“… the fire of the heart illumines the way of truth.
The truth of Eternity is in beauty of the spirit.
The spirit knows where beauty is.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden I, 350

“Thirst was made for water; inquiry for truth.” S. Lewis

“The spirit is perfect only when it is conscious of the Cosmos; and although that consciousness often arises, we are not always able to ground ourselves in awareness of our communion with the Truth.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 2

“To see the universal and all-pervading Spirit of Truth face to face one must be able to love the meanest of creation as oneself. And a person who aspires after that cannot afford to keep out of any field of life.” Gandhi

“The Blessed One said, “Truth is the sole source of courage.” When correctly understood, truth is the wisest and most beautiful chapter in the book of the Cosmos.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 255

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”. John Keats

“In Beauty the Infinite will manifest. In Beauty the teachings of the seekers of Spirit are illumined. In Beauty we are not afraid to reveal the truth of freedom. In Beauty we kindle the radiance in every drop of water. In Beauty we transform matter into a rainbow.” Leaves of Morya’s Garden II, 322

“The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.” Albert Einstein

Join us daily – wherever you are – as we pause for a Global Silent Minute at 9 PM GMT.

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