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Sagittarius Sun – Gemini Full Moon 2020

I love this time of year. Being a Sagittarius myself, I very much feel at home when the Sun travels through this sign, from our view on Earth. Not only am I a Sagittarius, but I also have a Gemini Moon, which means I was born around the Full moon in December in 1975. I have had to live with the duality that exists with a Sagittarius Sun and a Gemini Full Moon all my life, a duality which is completely mutable and ever changeable.

What a year we have had. We could say the whole of this year has been one of an ever-changing and constantly mutating sequence of events. Due to the major transits that played out this year, the world has seen many things ending and from endings always come new beginnings. This is a normal part of the life cycle in all of its expressions. What is not normal is the increased pressure and monitoring that has become the norm in our lives. Where will it end, I wonder?

I must admit that at times I am quite torn. I do believe wholeheartedly that as spiritual beings and livers of spiritual truths, our future is guaranteed and we are free to live and move, express and create, all in a way that allows us the best opportunity for Soul growth. What could be any other reason for existing?

But as I look out and observe, I see many distressing events going on out in the world. Many restrictions are constantly being applied to people’s lives, often against their will. New measures are being thought up on a daily basis, supposedly for the betterment of all. The world is divided and becoming increasingly so, at least for the time being. There appears a greater and more extensive rift happening between people. What is it that people are truly wanting and needing at this time as they search through the endless postings, fact-checkings, representations from multiple sources……? I would say – the TRUTH. Truly, the TRUTH is what we want. Thankfully for now at least, we are in a sign that seeks the TRUTH.

Sagittarius rules the search for answers to life’s questions and happenings. With the symbolic arrow of Sagittarius pointed forward and aimed at any target that comes across the archer’s extensive vision, the arrow or arrows are released, seeking out the knowledge and wisdom or the experience that comes from finding the target in front. Sometimes these targets move and many times the arrows are pointed and shot long before the arrow has time to penetrate into its target, yet the quest to know is ever-present and Sagittarius continues its adventure. We can see why the higher mantra for this sign is – “I see a goal; I reach that goal and then I see another”.

It is no wonder that Sagittarius rules the Path. The Path to enlightenment, the Path to understanding, the Path up to the foot of the mountain in Capricorn where the Soul will be found after the long spiritual climb. The Path starts from the valley in Scorpio where the disciples or searchers transform and shed or detach themselves from the many things that they have accumulated over many, many lifetimes of experience. From that deep experience, they branch out along the plains and seek out the answers that will fill in the space that is left after their deaths in Scorpio; hence the need for travel and study attributed to the associations with Sagittarius.

The early part of Sagittarius is filled with activity. You probably recognise what I mean. When moving from the intense and deep waters of Scorpio, which are contained with a fixed precision (Scorpio is a fixed sign), we begin to move into the more expansive Sagittarius. The fire and mutability of Sagittarius mean there is plenty of activity, especially in the early few days and the first week of the sign (22/11-30/11). Like being released from an intense prison, all activities (knowledge) are sought and like the horse galloping free in the wild or a paddock.

This first stage is of course symbolic. Many people are what you could call awakened at this time. With the myriad of experiences coming from the activity in this stage, with the mutable fire influencing and propelling people out of the valley, it is a perfect stage for doing many things, but not mastering any. The lower mantra for Sagittarius is – “Let food be sought”, and here we can see why. Any food, any experience or opportunity is sought, as is part of the energy dynamics. The wiser among us resist the urge to commit to too much.

The second part of Sagittarius (1/12- 10/12) is where knowledge is more specified. Activity is still sought (mutable fire), yet the frantic need for experience lessens somewhat. The plains are long and flat and at times there is a need for rest and reflection, to take in what is learnt. The need to explore is still evident but it takes on a deeper focus. No longer are arrows shot randomly, but a real purpose begins to take hold in the archer.

The last week of the energy of Sagittarius (11/12-21/12) changes again. The movement towards Capricorn (an earth sign) means a slowing down. The approach to the mountain and the mountain itself can be seen. Solidifying one’s knowledge turns it into wisdom (hopefully) and from there it can be passed on to others. The wiser and more authoritarian energy of Capricorn means the recklessness of the early days of this sign are long forgotten and there is definitely a more specialised focus of where energy is exerted.

And this year, as we move into that time, we will have both the Summer/Winter solstice happening plus the coming together of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. This will be the first time this has happened in Aquarius since the early 1400s.

I have thought a lot about what this might mean for the world as the energy dynamics change. Hence why I will be doing a talk on December the 6th at 6:30 AEDT. Cost is for free and it should run for about 60 to 90 mins. I will also discuss the coming major transits for 2021.

One thing we can predict: that the archetype of energy will be very different. Saturn and Jupiter will be moving from the earthy, controlling and authoritarian dynamic of Capricorn to the more socially and community-based living of Aquarius.

I expect more and more that people will rally together in unison and that humanity will stand stronger in its own power, with less of a need or a want of big brother control measures. People will begin to want to reclaim their own power (though not fully until Pluto enters Aquarius in November 2024) especially in regard to their work and responsibilities (Saturn) and their access to knowledge and learning (Jupiter).

The Full Moon itself will be relatively free from major transits. The duality of a Gemini Moon and a Sagittarius Sun present a small problem of greater vision and also the exploration of it with the smaller details and logic. Expect some heated verbal debates with issues of science and facts, inspiration, education and travel on the agenda.

As mentioned before, I do believe there is a great opportunity to sharpen our focus and be attuned (if we listen) to real TRUTH, if we can get past the surface outer noise and go into the silence. When we enter this space, we become present in the NOW and align with our Souls, whose TRUTH we can always count on.

Silence allows us to connect with the rhythm of Life and observe the TRUTH, as it unfolds.

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