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Scorpio Sun Taurus Full Moon

Scorpio rules Discipleship

In speaking about the sign of Scorpio, The Tibetan master says that Scorpio rules the disciple or Discipleship. Sagittarius rules the path with its one pointed focus, Capricorn rules initiation into the higher realms, with the mountain of life and understanding to climb. Scorpio though, rules discipleship. To be a disciple of life, one must battle the lower parts of our nature to come out triumphant. These lower parts are recognised in Libra, with the scales of justice showing us that we actually have a lower and higher vibration. From there we move into Scorpio, where all is brought to the surface as the disciple searches deep within, cleansing and purging so that the light of life can enter our being and move us forward on the path.

The warriors of the zodiac

Alongside Aries, Scorpios are known to be the warriors of the zodiac. The ability to go into battle and fight against our own lower nature is an important part of the evolutionary process. Patterns of crystallisation form within our bodies as we live life after life. We take on habitual patterns, living on threads of thought and emotion, responding to impulse from lower and higher vibrations. As the earth evolves though, we must as well.

We live in a being that responds itself to greater inflows of light, and as it evolves, we must also. Things that were thought of as being right for the moment and great steps forward, over time become the very things that crystallise and hold us back new and greater inflows of light reveal more and more of the great inner truths.

An example of crystallisation

An example could be the school system. If we go back 300 years, the thought of everyone going to school, learning in a classroom under a one teacher system with set lessons would have seemed as a miracle, a huge step forward and it was. If we fast forward to this day and age, there is a push away on the inner levels of this type of teaching. The internet has made teaching accessible to most of the planet. New souls being born do not respond to the older authoritarian method of teaching. They are here in the new world, their method of learning has them in touch with infinite levels of knowledge, at their fingertips. They can access this knowledge at will and need to rely less on rigid methods of rote learning to remember it.

Of course this can be applied to many avenues of life, politics being an example. Most of the world is realising that our current political system is not working. We are really having the chance to define what it is we want in our political leaders as we move away from the dictators and the two party system. We want more. Why do we want more? It is because there are great movements of light and energy moving into our planet. Our whole world is changing so rapidly, it is being less defined by boundaries as light knows no boundaries. Our systems need to respond to this and this will involve battles on many levels……

“Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant”

Scorpio is well placed to assist us in this battle, as we look to define and implement new threads of thought and action that respond to the higher call. The higher mantram for Scorpio is “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant”, ensuring that in Scorpio (like Aries), you will find the strength and courage to challenge and face the fight with ours, and the greater life’s, lower nature.

Attributes of Scorpio

Its mode of operation is fixed. This gives it determination and incredible focus when its energy is aroused. Like a sleeping giant, when Scorpio energy is focussed, not much stands in its way to achieve its goals. It is a water sign, so it feels strongly and has amazing psychic abilities. When it feels, it feels incredibly deeply, right to the core. Coupled with the gaze and penetrating abilities of its focus, there is an ability to commune with the higher and lower realms, so keep that in mind.

The 4th Ray of harmony through conflict rules Scorpio. It is said that this is the Ray that rules Humanity and as such it imbues all we do. We are also the 4th kingdom in nature, the middle kingdom, the balance between the lower and the higher. This planet is hinted at as the school of hard knocks, meaning living here is not exactly easy. With the 4th Ray ruling Humanity and Scorpio also on the 4th Ray, Scorpio has a deep connection with Humanity. It feels its plight, feels its pain, but also senses its potential and will battle on behalf of its betterment.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto on the traditional level and Mars on the esoteric level. Pluto is ruled by Ray 1, the destroyer and power Ray. This gives it the ability to break down forms, long used and in need of releasing. Mars on the Esoteric or Soul level allows Scorpio to go into battle, firstly with its own nature, then on behalf of others. Evolved Scorpio energy will go into battle on behalf of Humanity, this is where the energy of the Ray of devotion, Ray 6, comes in through Mars. Mars on its highest level gives us amazing drive and energy to follow higher pursuits. Once the battle is away, there in none better energy to see it through to its completion. What we must always remember is – what is the battle, who are we fighting, who is doing the fighting and once the battle is won, the lower brought to the surface and replaced with the higher, then transformation is imminent and peace can reign. The phoenix has then arisen from the ashes and its old form and will begin its new life…….

Some interesting transits

The chart is spread out energetically. There have been some intense groupings over the last few readings, but this one is spread out a lot more. Energetically there seems to be a dispersing, in saying that, there are still some interesting transits.

Usually at this time of year, there is a lessening in energetic inflow as we are nearing the end Libra-Sagittarius of the spiritual down flow of energy that reached its peak in the three spiritual festivals in the signs of Aries-Gemini. In saying that, I feel this year is different somehow. It still feels intense, pressurised and combative in a way.

It is probably due to the increasing vibration that the Earth and all those that inhabit it are subject to, as powerful new energies are anchored here on Earth and as its response to light increases. We all sense there is powerful energetic movements afoot, and the response from the lower darker vibrations seem to be just as strong.

With the chart, there is a strong T-square involving Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto, all in cardinal signs. Cardinal energy is intense, it involves dynamic interplay, and it wants action. These 3 planets are all major players in the solar system, so there current alignment will be stirring the pot. Jupiter is almost half way through Libra, moving very quickly before it retrogrades next year. Pluto is still only half way through Capricorn, so we are very used to that energy. Uranus is still in Aries, retrograding as we speak.

The Jupiter and Uranus opposition is still a little way out, but it is moving closer. It really will be a battle between a wise older sibling wanting us to weigh things up, see the fairness and equality for all and yet still make changes, whilst we have the crazier uncle, telling us to get on with it, bring in the new, don’t listen to others and live in the moment. To the side of this is Pluto, demanding transformation of our worn out structures. With Pluto being Ray 1, it does not just want change, which Uranus is comfortable with, it demands the death of the older form, complete annihilation.

So we have an increasing interplay of 3 types of energy:-

  • Wisdom and expansion – Jupiter
  • Change and the new – Uranus
  • Death and transformation – Pluto

These are all coming in and wanting their energy expressed and struggling perhaps with the other. How we make this work will be interesting.

The best news is Saturn is both trine to Uranus, offering familiar support and sextile to Jupiter, adding support but in a little annoying brother or sister type of way. Something about enjoying our responsibilities especially with learning and response to higher ideals seems the way forward here. Embracing our Karma, as without it we cannot and will not move forward.

Earth energy

The moon itself is in Taurus for this full moon period. This will provide us with some earth energy to keep our emotions grounded. At the time of its complete fullness, it will be close to the midheaven. Most importantly and perhaps symbolically, this full moon is being touted as a super moon, due to it being much closer in orbit to the Earth than normal. I say embrace this beautiful Moon in Taurus; the Taurean energy behind it will make it look even more spectacular. It will also bring in the energy of the 4th Ray even more strongly, as the Moon is ruled by the 4th ray as well.

Leo rules

The ruling sign of the chart, at the time of the full Moon is Leo. The lion will lend its ability to shine and express to the whole chart, making it a time to shine our own personal light and power, leading together to shine as one for Humanity. With the energy of Scorpio leading the way, this would be a good time for everyone to go inwards and battle their own inner lower emotions, releasing them to transform in the light of the super Taurean moon…..

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