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Scorpio Sun – Taurus Full Moon November 2019

Actual Full Moon: Wednesday 13th November 2019 12.34am AEDT (*Daylight Saving Time)

Did you feel the change-over from the peaceful energy of Libra to the more intense and fiery energy of Scorpio? This was around the late stages of Libra and the early stages of Scorpio 18-23rd of October. To go from an airy Libra to an intense Water Scorpio is probably one of the more dramatic times of the year. Now that we are into November, the energy of the Scorpion/Phoenix is well and truly entrenched, as you will know and feel.

Scorpio is a sign that is renowned for liking to be in the shadows, partly as its feeling apparatus or emotional body is so intense. No other sign feels as acutely as Scorpio. While Pisces can be sad, emotional and dreamy and Cancer moody, grumpy and bossy, Scorpio’s natural expression of the element of water is one of a very sharp focus, as it is a fixed sign. Natural to this is a heightened sense of everything experienced, and often a volatility due to that, especially when the energy is put through a less than wise recipient.

We can see this when we look out into the world. Plenty of conflict is about at the moment, as people grapple with the energies of Scorpio, mostly unknown to them. The 4th Ray of Harmony through Conflict rules this sign, where true Harmony and balance (Libra) is only achieved by a sense of conflicting points of view and the corresponding middle ground that ensues from that. Humanity itself is ruled by the same 4th Ray, hence our default operating out of this energy base for anything we do in life. You could correctly say, we are ordained to learn like this.

Further to the current energies from the Sun and its movement through Scorpio, are some huge transits coming our way. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction grows ever closer, with only 5 degrees separating them now. At the time of this Full Moon the Sun will be sitting at 18 degrees, which is right in between Pluto and Scorpio. This means that they are sitting sextile to each other, which is considered a good aspect. As Pluto rules Scorpio (Mars before they discovered Pluto), this makes it a powerful combination for expression.

Expect that there will be plenty of transformation happening, in your life personally and out in the greater Life. Whatever happens in the greater energetic field always has an effect on us, as we are literally all connected. As the world is shaped by changes to the greater energetic etheric field, our lives are as well, some more than others of course. With Saturn there in the mix, expect some heavy Karmic forces to be in play as well, as Saturn asks for its due return and likewise gives back what we are due. So there will be big changes in the next few months, culminating in a high point in and around 12-13th of January.

The higher mantra for Scorpio is the brilliant – “Warrior I am and from the battle I emerge triumphant”. What a brilliant mantra! It sums this sign up so well. Anyone that knows those with strong Scorpio well knows this is perfect for them. The more evolved of this sign take that energy and work through themselves, cleansing themselves of the dark energy that they have held on to and looking to clear it, through transformation, becoming the phoenix and rising from the ashes.

The lesser evolved of this sign, take the acute pain of their own inner battles and turn that out into the world, looking to project the fight onto others and drawing them into their world. In essence we all have done this or still do at times.

From this cleansed point of resurrection and transformation, we can symbolically enter the sign of Sagittarius, free from the burden and the darkness of our karmic past. We can then enter the sign of truth, Sagittarius, and can follow the straight path along the plains as we move towards the mountain in Capricorn. Without this inner fight (remember Humanity is ruled by the 4th Ray, the same as Scorpio), then we are not open to receive the wisdom available to us in the learned Sagittarius. All of this is of course symbolic, but certainly pertains to us all.

Scorpio prepares us for greater spiritual growth each year, as it allows us the process of going deep within, often with much pain and suffering, and allows us the chance to transform lessons learned into something of a wise experience. It is called the valley experience and is always needed until we no longer need it.

The Taurus Full moon will look to balance out the water and emotion with an earthy anchor point, stopping us from being too lost in the realms of the psychic and deep. It will be a good time to get in touch with nature, play or watch some beautiful music or dance and to look after the physical body with some self-care.

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