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sun in leo full moon in aquarius 2014

Sun in Leo, Full Moon in Aquarius 2014:

Insights into the astrological energies of the moment

This commentary is based on an esoteric interpretation of the full moon energies.

Sun in Leo
As we progress along our journey through the stars, the Sun now turns its attention towards the constellation of Leo. The Sun has a special relationship with Leo, as in traditional astrology it rules this sign. The sign of Leo is unique as it is the only sign that is ruled by a star and not a planet, and this on all 3 levels of consciousness. This alone gives a key to the power of Leo, but the fact that it is opposite the sign Aquarius and the fact that we are moving into the Age of Aquarius means that it is always an interesting time when the attributes of the Sun are heightened more than usual.

Identification with the Divine
The keynote for Leo is “I am that and that am I“, which would indicate a strong point of identification with the Divine and with the Soul. In a way there is a duality here, as we strive to identify ourselves as a point of light, yet still be part of the greater whole.

Matters of the heart will be highlighted
Leo is said to rule the area of the heart in the body, hence many references for Leo types to be brave, strong and have courage, yet also to be generous and give to those around them. Expect matters of the heart to be highlighted at the time of the full moon and just before, as humanity seeks to know itself and once knowing itself, know that others are that same spark of self.

A great time to take rulership of one’s own life

The challenge is to take it one step further 

The chart differs again since the last full moon. There are no planets in the houses that represent most of the outer world, including community and the world, suggesting that, with the influence of Leo, there is perhaps a stronger focus on whatever internal processes we are identifying with and how they fit into our lives. This will be assisted with healthy trines between Jupiter, the Sun and Uranus, all in fire signs. It is a great time to take rulership of one’s own life and seek to command the aspects of our lower self that need lifting to a higher sense of communion with the divine. The energy is there to assist but always with trines we might take it for granted as we have done it before, further shown with the south node next to Uranus. A reminder perhaps that though sometimes things seem easy, yet the challenge is to take it one step further onto a higher turn of the spiral.

Mars and Saturn in Scorpio

It is for rulership over one’s own nature that the energy can best be used.

Mars, the god of war, and Saturn, the Lord of Karma, are both in Scorpio at the moment. With that combination, the dredging up of old past hurts and scars and the expression of conflict both internal and external could be on show. Unfortunately this has been playing out in many parts of the world, as groups search inwards and see the clear distinction of what they identify with and what they don’t. This could be used as a chance to cleanse and purify, with the inner strength and motivation to act there in abundance. Of course this can easily find expression in the outer world as the Leo influence can set out to seek to rule over others, when really it is for rulership over one’s own nature that the energy can best be used. The potential is there, how will humanity continue to use it? All in all, Leo is an expressive sign. It is quite difficult for it not to shine its light, although without always discriminating about what is in that light.

Full moon in Aquarius
At the time of the full moon, the actual moon will be in Aquarius. Aquarius as a moon sign has a detached airiness about it, perhaps important with the heightened emotion that is about at the moment. This detachment can seem aloof and cool, distant and remote. When it comes to emotions, it might be a positive thing at this time. It will certainly bring a stronger impulse to think and feel in a more humanitarian group-focused and inclusive way. The question is whether the detachment that comes from an Aquarius moon can be used positively and not as a removal from the responsibility for those feelings.

Cancer flavours this chart
The ascendant, and therefore ruler, of this chart at the time of the full moon is Cancer, which again continues our run of water signs as ascendants. Cancer flavours this chart with a continual emphasis on sensitivity, the home, family, security and one’s borders. The esoteric ruler of Cancer is Neptune, which is sitting in Pisces in the 8th house. This is a strong placement as it is in another water sign. Expect healing, art and music to find expression through delving deep within, as well as death to outer used-up forms and the transcendence of matter into spirit.

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