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Sunlight & Shadows

Sunlight Dancing as One with the Shadows

People often note with wonder the beautiful expansions of heart that can arise out of situations of great tragedy and even horror. There are uncountable millions of such instances, either quietly private and personal or publicly focussed and well known, and all together they weave a great embrace around our planet. One of the more publicly known – perhaps because of the scale and suddenness of the tragedy – is the experience of Dr Gill Hicks who lost both her legs in the London bombing of July, 2005.

It’s still a medical mystery as to how I’m here,” she says “…When I was taken to hospital I was, to all intents and purposes, dead on arrival.” But the medical team kept attempting resuscitation and 30 seconds before they were ready to give up, her body responded. She describes how she hovered between worlds before her rescue:
“…I was hovering in and out of consciousness, and I absolutely believe that I was given a choice of whether I wanted to live or die. And that was presented to me by a voice I call the voice of death. This voice came to me and said, ‘Look at your injuries. You don’t want to live like this. Come with me.’ And it was the most beautiful, beautiful voice I’ve ever heard in my life. And that’s when I looked down, and I could see that I had lost both legs or would be very likely to lose both legs. I felt no pain – I felt nothing at all – and really contemplated how beautiful it would be to just go. Then those thoughts were intercepted by an opposing male voice, and it said, ‘How dare I contemplate this? There’s a lot for me to do, but it’s absolutely my choice.’ And in choosing to stay alive, I understood that my life would never be mine again, that my life would be dedicated to something else.”
“…The rescuers holding my hand, touching my face, making me feel that I was absolutely safe and my real first understanding of humanity and unconditional love,” she recalls. It is that realisation of humanity that tempers the growing anger inside her, and she uses it as a weapon against the extremists she is trying to de-radicalise. Fighting extremism through humanity. Through her organisation MAD (Making a Difference) For Peace, Dr Hicks works with community groups in the UK and Australia as a self-described ambassador for peace. These groups put her in touch with people who have become radicalised. Dr Hicks said the story of her rescue often struck a chord with hardened extremists. “Look at the brilliance of humanity. Look at all the people who risked their lives to come and save me,” she said. “To them it didn’t matter if I had a faith, or no faith at all, whether I was male or female, whether I was rich or poor, what colour my skin was. And that’s what I talk about.”
She travels as a motivational speaker, astonishing audiences when she tells a joke about a woman who walks into a carriage with this Scotsman, this Welshman and this suicide bomber. “Then it’s what?” says Hicks. “What is this person?” On one level, that’s easy to answer: she’s the voice of life. Excerpts from reports by Emma Alberici of ABC TV’s Lateline program, and Mark Dapin of The Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Weekend magazine

There is a capacity in the human heart to rise, like a phoenix

There is a capacity in the human heart to rise, like a phoenix expanding into ever greater radiance, from the ashes of what we may have previously held dear. However seriously wounded in body, there are those whose heart seems to be able to shine through the material wounds with ever greater depth and breadth, with renewed life, to serve in healing the greater wounds which afflict us all: conflicts of belief, identity and values. And all such conflicts arise from something invisible in material terms yet powerful enough to either destroy or uplift humanity.

In his latest book The Map of Heaven, Eben Alexander quotes Nikola Tesla:

The day science begins to study nonphysical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.” Nicola Tesla

The author goes on to write:

The new theory – the new ‘Map of Everything’ that I am so in favour of – will include all the revolutionary discoveries that science has made in the last century, most especially the new discoveries about the nature of matter and space and the revolutionary discoveries of the centrality of consciousness that threw materialistic science into chaos at the beginning of the twentieth century. It will address discoveries like that of physicist Werner Heisenberg that subatomic particles are never actually in one place, but occupy a constant state of statistical probability – so that they might be here, or they might be there, but they can never be totally nailed down to a single, no-doubt-about-it spot. Or that a photon – a unit of light – will appear as a wave if we measure it one way, and as a particle if we measure it in another way, even while remaining the same photon. Or discoveries like Erwin Schrödinger’s that the outcome of certain subatomic experiments will be determined by the consciousness of the observer recording them in such a way that they can actually ‘reverse’ time, so that an atomic reaction set off inside a box that was sealed three days previously will not actually complete itself until the box is opened and the results of the action are noted by a conscious observer. The atomic reaction stays in a suspended state of both happening and not happening until consciousness enters the picture and cements it into reality.
This new Map of Everything will also include the vast quantities of data that are coming in from a whole other area of research… Near-death experiences. Deathbed visions. Moments of apparent contact with departed loved ones. The whole world of strange but totally real encounters with the spiritual world that people experience all the time…” The Map of Heaven, Eben Alexander

If we could see in terms of this subtle life it might appear as a glorious fireworks display.

We are mostly subtle beings – we think, we imagine, we visualise and our thinking is permeated with the triggers and responses from our sensitive feeling nature. Even while we might be confirming to ourselves that our physical body is in a specific location, it is automatically responding to our thought and feeling impulses which may not necessarily have anything to do with that physical location. We are dimensionally expansive presences which respond to energetic emanations from everything else, past and future, and are ourselves source points or vortices for radiating energetic light. If we could see in terms of this subtle life it might appear as a glorious fireworks display. Those Whose Presence is centred in those subtle realms can convey something of their exquisite beauty:

I entrust you to testify about the Fiery World as existing, and with all the attributes of existence. Fiery blossoms are distinguished by their radiance, but they may be compared in structure with roses; small vortical rings form, as it were, a combination of petals. Similarly, ozone, in the higher state, reproduces, as it were, the odour of evergreens. Also, the radiance of auras is like cloud arches, and rays are as streams and waterfalls. Thus, in the higher forms the wise one will find likenesses of earthly images. He will not see the earthly existence as abased thereby, for in all states of being the foundation of energy is the same. The wise one will not seek a precise counterpart of God in an earthly body, for only the fiery body will preserve the same sparks as the Higher Beings. … Everywhere the highest concept must be clarified. One must not fear to come forward and help wherever it is possible to elevate the consciousness. The Teaching is in need of those who will bear witness. It responds to all, without distinction as to creed and nationality. Above all let the one sun shine. It is not difficult to speak about unity, through the path of science. Let the manifestation of beautiful correlations unite the most diverse elements.” Fiery World II, 179.

In the subtle worlds all moves freely according to resonance and progressive degrees of light and enlightenment.

If our focus is absorbed in the demands of material living, it can be all too easy to forget that the physical plane is only the outer and most dense layer of an infinity of worlds which are far more subtle, translucent, fiery and beautiful – unhampered by the density of form and its separating effect on consciousness. In the outer world of form governance regulates and administers rules to manage separation and its effects. In the subtle worlds all moves freely according to resonance and progressive degrees of light and enlightenment. The unfolding nature of one’s thought is clearly apparent and a Hierarchy of light naturally operates where all are magnetically drawn to their place by the degree of identification with the central Light and source of Love that holds all in the embrace of the intention of the One in Whom we live. In the book Testimony of Light two friends, co-workers with a strong, clear and telepathic link, continue to communicate after one has died. Frances Banks, having transitioned through death explains to the author:

All is expansion here, but expansion in stages. This Law is exact. No entity can propel itself forward into a Group until its emotional, mental and spiritual expansion at least is comparable to the fringe of that Group’s awareness. This is an important statement… Here illusion, glamour and self-deception are of no avail. One reveals what one is. One advertises oneself even in one’s apparel. The mask has been shed with the physical body.
“…I must discard the habit to which I had clung. It had served its usefulness. I must wear what I am as a garment. The thought was terrifying. What was I? Dare I stand before my Group companions in the ‘new habit’ of my thought? Would the colours be sombre or bright? …It is the preparatory stage of working down into oneself to discover what one really is; the honest summing up of one’s faculties both mental and aspirational and then ‘letting forth’ of whatever Light has dawned, into a shape. …Gradually the garment evolves, the colour settles, and you are arrayed as you really are. You have assumed your Light.
“…Perhaps my greatest regret now is the realisation that, whilst I was seeking and searching mentally, psychically and occultly to discover the ‘breakthrough’ to spirit for which I longed, the Light of the Unity with all things, all creatures, all Beings, all Hosts, all Powers dwelt within me in ineffable glory. ‘I am the Light of the World’ means just that.” Testimony of Light, Helen Greaves

Let us listen then to the harmony that opens up the exquisite worlds.

How can we prepare a way for the Enlightened Ones to reappear among us in these times when everything is rising up to be seen for what it is, and when humanity is torn between selfish desires and a growing realisation of oneness? Perhaps if we attune our hearts to see and hear, we will recognise the subtle light and love they radiate and will see them and know They have never left. Let us listen then to the harmony that opens up the exquisite worlds.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”

“Now is the time to unite the soul and the world – 

 Now is the time to see the sunlight dancing as one with the shadows”



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