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Taurus Sun – Scorpio Full Moon – The Wesak festival

Actual Full Moon: Thursday 7th May 8:45 pm AEST

This coming week heralds the high spiritual point of the year, where the Buddha is said to give his blessing to Humanity,  received by the waiting Christ and the distributed at the next Full Moon festival in the sign of Gemini. And so, this is a particularly potent time, adding to the forces that are already at play in the world today.

Taurus is said to rule the New Group of World Servers (NGWS), a collective group to which most who read this would belong. Collectively we represent the Ajna or third eye centre of the Earth, where the purpose of that Great being (in Whom we live, move and have our being) is seen and interpreted. We, therefore, have a great responsibility to see through the current crisis enveloping the world and maintain our connection to our Higher selves or Souls. We literally need to co-create new substance into the world so that the incoming energies have the right environment in which to grow.

With the incoming energies streaming in – peaking at the Full Moon on Wednesday / Thursday – we can expect a high level of intensity in the coming week. There are plenty of astrological transits at the moment which are further enhancing the effect of this spiritual time of year, creating their own dynamics in the outer play of space in our solar system and beyond. The Earth is, of course, part of this greater field, contributing with its own specific energy.

The Higher Mantra for Taurus is ‘I see and when the eye is opened, all is Light’. This can be seen as a reference to the third eye or the Ajna centre. Interestingly the Esoteric ruler of Taurus is Vulcan, a mysterious planet not known in the usual astronomical circles, but accepted in most astrological followers, especially those that follow Esotericism.

Vulcan is a Ray 1 planet, giving Taurus a completely different experience at the Soul level than it has with the traditional rulership of Venus. Vulcan is known as the destroyer, which breaks down old forms to be replaced by newer forms. This Ray 1 energy is becoming very prominent on Earth as we can see, with all our structures of life completely altering. We are literally seeing this Ray 1 influence happen in front of our eyes, as our world is turned upside down day by day.

On that note, people are apt to look at the current happenings in a myriad of ways. Conspiracy theories abound and some are probably true. One thing to remember though is – energy is energy – we as Humans take particular incoming energies and change or distort them, according to our understanding of them. Ray 1 is linked to governance and power, so those avenues of life that naturally express this energy are more than likely to be spotlighted at the moment.

Depending on the level of understanding, this energy is either – ‘used’ or ‘reacted with’ or ‘worked with’ – as per the evolutionary understanding of the one/s through whom it flows.

This creates much of the conflict and separation that we can see from the different responses to the virus in the world. This is very much highlighted in Taurus, as it is ruled by the 4th Ray – Harmony Through Conflict.

The Tibetan said that all of Humanity is ruled by the 4th Ray, as we are also the 4th kingdom in nature. Is it any wonder then that we only learn through conflict, it is not harmony and conflict but harmony through conflict…The other 2 signs though which the 4th Ray flows are Sagittarius (conflict between animal desire and mind) and Scorpio, the opposite sign to Taurus. So, at this time of year we have the following influences: Ray 1 – coming through the higher octave of the planet (pertaining to higher energies at play and evolutionary purpose) plus the Soul ruler of Taurus (Vulcan); and Ray 4 – the Ray conditioning or influencing Taurus and Humanity. So it is very significant that the Buddha gives his blessing to the Earth at this time. Great beings do not waste time or energy; they maximise their effect with divine timing and the use of the Law of Economy.

So right use of will is paramount at the moment. We know the Taurean energies can be stubborn, it is a fixed earth sign after all. There have been many dictators with this sign as their Sun sign, partly as their fixed determination to acquire wealth and power is backed by Vulcan the destroyer. That will, when applied to projects that benefit others (as well as to condition one’s own life) can be a real benefit. This is especially so when we have the heightened vibration of the peak of the spiritual year and all of the incoming planetary energies that come with that.

Some of the planetary activities going on at the moment are –

  • Pluto and Jupiter are still within a 3-degree orb with Saturn in Aquarius. Saturn will go retrograde back into Capricorn in the coming months, probably creating the effect of the second wave of virus impact that is expected. It still has much to accomplish, I believe, especially in the economic and business worlds. I do not see this as being finished at all, I suspect there will be more massive financial impacts as wealth and the sharing of resources is again and again brought under the microscope. Ray 1 rules both Capricorn (plus Rays 3 and 7) and Pluto, so expect more destroying of worn-out forms in the coming months.
  • Saturn is in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus. This is a 5-degree square so not so tight yet, but it definitely highlights the impact the virus has had on Humanity and the ‘response’ we have had from the governments around the world. Uranus seeks to break free from old archetypes, creating new pathways for the incoming energies. Saturn’s effect is to take set energies and create structures on which to build thought (3rd Ray), disciplining as he goes. This is a “push me /pull me” type of set up, with one a massive life-changer squaring in defiance of one who likes rules, patterns and order.

We can see this with groups of people getting restless in some countries as the lockdown takes its toll and they feel the grip of authority.

Expect this to be worse next year and beyond when these planets get closer in orb.

  • Venus is in Gemini and will be for the next 3-4 months as it will be going retrograde. The significance here is that Venus rules Gemini on the Esoteric level. Particularly potent is the length of time it spends there and especially that it is there while we have the next Full Moon where the Sun is in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. That Full Moon period is when the Christ will issue forth the Blessing that is given by the Buddha in Taurus.

Venus is known to be the alter ego to the Earth, a wise sister planet that has evolved to the point where Earth might appear to be its younger sibling. The symbolism is that while it is in Gemini, during the next full moon, it is a wonderful time for more light and love to pour forth onto the Earth. It is also a time where we would expect any teachings or messages to be given through Gemini, as we come to a greater understanding of both the Human kingdom and the Spiritual or 5th kingdom of nature, represented in the duality of the two poles in Gemini, that are linked to represent the Oneness of Life.

Through all the outer chaos and the movement of the outer reactionary and physical world, there is an intricate silence growing, deep within all of us. As we stand centred, connected to that centre and with an ever-growing awareness, we realise that we are truly witnessing the birth of a New era, one where the potential for the Soul in all forms can come forth and live in true harmony on the Earth.

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