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The Great Invocation – 1945

5-minute video from the University of the Seven Rays.

This invocation is a mantram for “Light and Power” and presents what may be considered a blueprint of the Divine Plan as the Plan is intended to express itself on Earth through the medium of the human race. The Tibetan Teacher and Master of the Wisdom, Djwhal Khul, labored most meticulously with Alice A. Bailey, his amanuensis, to ensure that this ancient Word of power was translated with great exactitude into the English language. Today, this mantram is known all over the world as “The Great Invocation”; it has been translated into over a hundred languages and is used on a daily basis by millions of human beings. Every year, World Invocation Day is dedicated to the ceaseless sounding of The Great Invocation – in almost every country of the world. – Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D.

Permission will be granted for use of this video in its entirety in public and private presentations. Contact Michael D. Robbins, Ph.D: please visit:

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