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The Planet Within

An international co-creative gathering for a deeper experience of group consciousness

Sydney Goodwill supports this timely and inspiring initiative to be held in Italy in May/June 2019.

May 29 – June 2, 2019 

at Aula della cultura, Città della Pieve, Italy

Bookings open until 8 May 2019

For information and bookingplease click here

This gathering is a co-creative space within which every participant will contribute to the anchoring of an expanded group consciousness. We will discover together how Groups can contribute to the realization of the New Civilization

Why this gathering?

  • On our Planet today, a New Civilization is seeking to be born, yet significant work still lies ahead to bring it into being.
  • Groups have a powerful responsibility in this endeavour by building greater cooperation and partnership across all dimensions of life.
  • This gathering is a bold, co-creative, pioneering step towards realizing the potential of the group life and its impact on the evolution of the Cosmos.

The Planet Within is promoted by the Community of Living Ethics, in collaboration with the Association New Era.

Together we will:

  • create an expanded understanding of group consciousness
  • participate in a ‘living lab’ for group life, exploring cooperation and co-creativity as core principles
  • stimulate greater engagement and partnership within group life with all kingdoms and beings
  • as a group, contribute to the manifestation of this brighter future

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