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from 'Mother of the World' by Nicholas Roerich

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon 2017

Actual Full Moon: Wednesday 6th September 5:03pm AEST

It’s funny how in life sometimes we respond to unconscious conditioning. We literally do things without thinking too much about it. Or perhaps, we do think about it but it is on a level that we are not conscious of……

Today before starting to write this article, I looked around my physical environment. I noticed that it looked a little dishevelled and messy, so I thought it needed a clean. I vacuumed, cleaned and organised, then had the stimulation or impulse to sit down and write this article. Once this was done, the duties were complete, the words seemed to flow. Before that, it was a little bit of a struggle to write. And to be honest, it was feeling like a bit of a chore to write this, perhaps the reason might present itself below.

The above paragraph sums up the effect of the energy of the Virgo, at least on the more mundane level. Virgo is very much associated with the cleaning of the immediate physical environment. The cleansing factor, the purification of the physical, both outer and more importantly inner, is an important part of the Virgo energy.

Through Virgo, we learn real discernment, the ability to discern what works for us and what doesn’t, then make plans (analysis) and implement them through work and duty. This sign is very much related to the daily grind, the physical labours that we endure living here on Earth. It also has a strong mental aspect related to it and is ruled by Mercury on the traditional or mundane level.

Such mental capacities, backed with the physicality of an earth sign, provides Virgo with the impulse to sort through the environment. When negatively expressed, it comes across as critical and too analytical. Yet when positively applied, through a sign that is actually mutable in its element and therefore quite adaptable, discernment and right choice often flow.

For us here in the southern hemisphere, we are perfectly placed to take advantage of this type of energy. Here the Sun’s sojourn through the constellation of Virgo preludes spring. Often before and at the start of spring, as the coldness of winter starts to move away and we venture out a little more from our hibernated state, a spring clean is usually carried out. During this phase or activity, old non essentials can be thrown out and a deep clean of the house or environment is often undertaken. Does this not sound like Virgo?

But of course, like all signs, there are much deeper meanings and influences. Virgo is the 8th sign of the zodiac when we travel on the arc of evolution. The Tibetan Master, in his many books, links Virgo to the 8th month of gestation, that period where the child, in the womb of the Mother, has almost reached maturity and is ready to be born. So in effect, Virgo is very much related to this process.

The higher mantram for Virgo is “I am the mother and the child. I, God, I, matter am”. This is very symbolic, as we see the word, mother, clearly there. The symbol for Virgo is the Virgin, but also the mother. The higher mantram suggests something more profound as well, that we are both the energy of the mother and the child and both are God, expressing through a physical form.

In the book Esoteric astrology, The Tibetan suggests that as Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury and are both influenced by the 2nd Ray of Love and Wisdom, they enjoy a commonality. He suggests that Gemini shows the duality of the Soul and personality, whilst Virgo looks to fuse them. The symbolism here is to experience the knowing that they are separate yet one. From that we get to know we are both a Soul and a personality, yet through discernment, through the unfolding and gestation of the inner life, we come to know that we are God expressing through form……


As you would suspect, with a chart heavily influenced by mutable signs, the energy suggests plenty of change and varied interests expressing. The energy released by the recent solar eclipse which rocked America, does not seem to have fully left, yet there will be a gradual lessening of its affects. With the heavy amount of planets currently in retrograde, including Mercury, things have certainly seemed tense. Such an amount, is not always seen at the same time. By the time of the Full Moon however, Mercury will have gone direct, so the energy should flow a little more. The question is where.

Mars would have just entered Virgo, moving away from the feisty Leo. This will add some direction and assertiveness to get things done practically, putting into physical plane action ideas born and nurtured through to completion. It should give an injection of energy to get things out there, especially if the energy of the Christ is behind it.

During the Full Moon, the Moon itself will be in Pisces, making this a water Moon. Whilst our basic identifying energy will be one of practicality, our emotional expression will be one of sensitivity. Finding the balance between this will be key. Adding to the effect will be the fact that Neptune and Chiron will be there also, all in the first house, in Pisces. Spirit and the watery realms of emotional sensitivity will also influence us, as it is in the first house, creating a paradox with the earthy Virgo energy.

To further strengthen this is the fact that the Ascendant, flavouring this chart, is also Pisces. Pisces energy is very much related to the World Saviour and Teacher. As is ever felt in these days of turmoil and change, the energy of the Christ seems to overlay behind the scenes. This will be no different. As we go more deeply into understanding our Soul and personality natures and the fact that we are all part of God manifesting in physical form, the bringers of light stand behind us and remind us that whatever happens, we are never alone….

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