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a life for animals

A Life for Animals by Christine Townend

A Life for Animals is the story of a life devoted to a radical idea: that animals should be treated with dignity and respect.

Christine Townend founded Animal Liberation Australia in 1976 after reading Peter Singer’s book of the same name. Despite a largely indifferent and sometimes hostile public, she campaigned relentlessly to raise awareness of animal welfare and to build the movement’s momentum in Australia.

In 1990, weary of Australian politics, she accepted an invitation to visit a small, run-down animal shelter in Rajasthan. There she encountered shocking human and animal suffering – but also the extraordinary power of human and animal interaction. As she edged her way into the life of the shelter, she found herself unexpectedly attached: to the animals, to her colleagues, and to India.

A Life for Animals is Christine’s account of this journey. She records the successes and challenges of animal welfare work, the critical moments that have shaped her philosophy, and the profound personal and political consequences of sharing a life with animals.

This biographical tale was written to help fund the work of the Working for Animals charity. See:  www.workingforanimals.org.au

100% of the proceeds of this book are donated directly to Working for Animals which supports three animal shelters in India – Help in Suffering in Jaipur, Kalimpong Animal Shelter and Darjeeling Animal Shelter – as well as supporting other causes which progress the lives of animals across our planet.

The book is now available on Amazon for download in kindle. See: https://www.amazon.com.au/Life-Animals-Animal-Publics-ebook/dp/B07F3P2PXT 

When you buy this book you will not only enjoy an inspiring story, you also financially help many animals in need.

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