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Libra Sun Aries Full Moon 2018

Actual Full Moon: Tuesday 25th September 12:52 pm 2018 12:19 am AEST

Libra is the sign most associated with equality and fairness, as the symbol of the scales testifies. The scales represent a balancing of the pair of opposites, 2 great forces in the universe that give us experience on both sides of life, thus allowing us to find and create a middle ground. Without night and darkness we would not know day and light, without pain and sadness we would not know joy and happiness.

The higher mantram for this sign backs this up completely – “I choose the way which leads between the two great lines of force”. As the two great lines of force pull us from either side, we experience both, thus allowing us to find the common middle ground. This is first experienced in the sign of the twins – Gemini, where we awake to the seeming duality of living, only to eventually find in Libra that there is a way which is neither. This we might understand as the life aspect, the true nature of living.

Esoterically it is said that in the sign of Libra, we reverse our downward spiral on the arc of involution and balancing the scales of experience, begin on the upward arc of evolution towards our true potential and destiny. Could this be a tipping point for us all at the moment, with everything that is happening in Humanity’s experience?

Libra is ruled by Venus on the traditional level, giving this sign all the grace and beauty that it is renowned for. This influence, when put through the symbol of the scales gives Libra a peaceful outlook, one that influences Librans and gives them the energy of the diplomat. Look a little deeper though and we will see that the esoteric or Soul ruler of this sign is Uranus. Uranus gives the peaceful sign of Libra some real strength and power, plus the ability to effect change that is both new and leading us onwards.

Interestingly, the Hierarchal ruler of Libra is Saturn. This is not something you would normally associate with Libra, as most of what we see of Libra is influenced by Venus. Yet it makes perfect sense. Saturn is the ruler of Karma as we know, he takes his due and we are led to believe that we all (individually and collectively as a whole) must repay what we have taken energetically. Likewise Saturn gives when you have earnt, it is the great force in our solar system of balancing energies. How fitting that it rules Libra at the highest level, allowing the scales of spiritual justice to bring everything back into order and rhythm, even if it is seemingly in absolute chaos.

For this reason, Libra is one of the most important signs leading us into the new age. It is an air sign and we are living in the age of the mind, one where the mental capacities are being so finely attuned, that we are beginning to talk and communicate telepathically. There is great upheaval on the Earth at the moment, as the impact of living as we have is having such an influence on the physical environment around us.

Yet there are always deeper happenings, influences greater than Humanity has capacity to understand, these themselves are having more impact than we can realise. Yet through the doom and gloom, a new era is happening, as we realise there is more than just black or white, more than just this or that, as we come to know and choose the way between the two great lines of force……

It is quite apt that the sign of Libra begins around the time of the Spring equinox, that time when there is perfect balance between day and night. In his book ‘Alan Oken’s Complete Astrology’, Alan writes that the glyph of Libra shows a Sun setting just above the horizon, signalling the beginning of the movement towards winter in the northern hemisphere. Yet for us here in the southern hemisphere, we could say the Sun is just beginning to rise above the horizon, signalling the move toward Summer and blossoming of Spring.

And so it is with Libra, that it balances out energies, which in turn creates a rhythm and order, however we look at it……..


An interesting chart presents for the exact time of the Full Moon. There are a lot of planets in the 1-3 degree mark at the moment, signalling that they have all just begun or are in the early stages of the relative signs. This suggests a lot of new energy abounding, lots of new and fresh starts, ideas and events beginning. Perhaps you have just started a new job, have entered into a new group, or have looked over your life with new eyes…..

All of this fits well with Libra, it is a peaceful sign yet it is also a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are initiators and beginners, each one of the 4 cardinal signs does this. Aries bursts forth with purpose, with fire, Cancer manipulates and organises, Capricorn structures and adds vital earth substance whilst taking things to higher levels. Libra itself uses the cardinal mode energy to balance the whole, initiating and evoking great spiritual laws into expression.

There is an interesting T-square presenting at the Full Moon, between Saturn, the Sun and Mercury, plus the Moon and Chiron. It is all in cardinal signs so could lead to some real intensity, especially around communication – 3rd house, higher ideals and learning – 9th house, plus spirituality, the subconscious and the universal life – 12th house. Add all of the above together and what can we perceive…..?

The Sun in Libra is still the focal point for us to look at, so its placement in the 9th house as a peak energy distribution at the time of the Full Moon is what we can start with. The balancing of higher ideals and thoughts (Sun in 9th house plus with Mercury conjunct), will be challenged in some way by organised structures of spirituality, perhaps religious beliefs (Saturn in the 12th house), whilst also being challenged by the way we communicate our feelings and needs, together with some deep existing wounds from the past (Moon in 3rd house with Chiron conjunct).

The Moon is in Aries, so it is a fire Moon. The God of War is lending itself briefly to the Moon, adding dynamic interplay to the planets above. Having Chiron next to it, adds another level of intensity. As I mentioned above, deep emotional wound from the past might need to be communicated externally on a personal level, whilst deep cleavages that exist within Human life might present themselves to us for clearing. Either way expect some fire and probably some conflict.

Uranus is also featured prominently this month, with a square to the nodes existing. As mentioned before, Uranus is the Soul or Esoteric ruler of Libra, so it is important to look at. Its square to both the south node (past, karma) and the north node (future, dharma), highlights to me the role Uranus is playing between the past and the future, already upon us. Uranus definitely opens new ways of expressing life, yet there is a battle going on currently between those wanting things to return to times of old, and those wanting us to head directly into a future unknown. Perhaps, we should look at the higher mantram of Libra again – “I choose the way that leads between the two great lines of force”. Knowing that there is perhaps a different option, one that we cannot quite see yet, and allowing that to unfold and being sensitive to it is a great thing.

The ascendant and ruler of the chart at the time of the Full Moon is Aquarius, the water bearer. This means there is a trine and cohesive energy between the Sun and the ascendant. Both are in air signs, signalling expansion of mental energy, which can be hard to deal with at times due to its higher potency. However, Aquarius will give us a chance to think about others, allowing us to see and interpret the greater picture. It will also open up spiritual gifts as well, as the water bearer pours forth his gifts to us All.

Are we ready to move forward and begin life anew, choosing the way between the 2 opposing lines of force. I think it is time…………

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