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"An Angel Playing a Flageolet" by Edward Burne-Jones (1833-1898)


The Summons – or the Call – from Master M.

You with open ear,
You with open eye,
You who know Me,
Blessings unto you.
Let My Name be a forged talisman to you.
May the depths of Heaven be bountiful to you.
Blessings unto you.

Direct your eye like a falcon into the distance.
This is My counsel.

You, My disciples, behold!
Dream of the future and you will see the regeneration of the world.
Forget not compassion in your striving.
Understand Me.

Remember, Art is the one vital medium of the coming culture.

I have entrusted you to pronounce Beauty.
I bid you pronounce Beauty.

Through Beauty will you approach.
Understand and remember.
I have entrusted you to pronounce Beauty.
I bid you pronounce Beauty.

You, my daughter, said Love.
And you, my son, said Action.
And you, both, said Beauty.

If you desire the gates to be opened to you, use My Sign.
I said Beauty, in combat and victory.
I said Beauty, and failure was covered by Beauty.
Mountains blossomed with Beauty.
And you must give entrance to the flowers of Beauty.
Let the children approach.
Bow before Him Who brought the Beauty of the great Universe.

Understand, there are no possessions nor decisions, nor pride, nor repentance.
There is one thing alone Beauty.
And to you I say:
Guard, expound, and affirm this Beauty.
Therein lies your way.

With Beauty shall I meet those who will come to Me.
And they are already on their way.

The Call, 333.

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